Monday, February 10, 2014

Understanding Dyslexia

I think the most crucial thing for us as Homeschooling parents is to understand how our children learn and respond to the education we are providing them. 

For some of us this is the basis as to why we even started Homeschooling in the first place, others for  drastically different reasons, and then through the process of Homeschooling came to the same road blocks unintentionally. 

Some of our children struggled with how they processed information and were falling behind in the standard square-boxed educational system. Yet, some of those same children are bright and often very advanced in many other areas. These issues and many others including a definite calling of God to this task, is why we began the journey of Homeschooling for our children.

In light of all of that, we get discouraged and hit road blocks that seem impossible to climb over if we do not understand how these precious children process the information we are attempting to provide for them. 

When it comes to Dyslexia in particular, it is really hard for those who are not Dyslexic to grasp how the person who has Dyslexia thinks. It is also very important for those with Dyslexia to understand how they think and ways to work with their thought processing for the written word. 

Many times it also is in degrees for each child who is Dyslexic. For example, one may have strong Dysgraphia and auditorial discriminational problems, while another may have a hard time getting thoughts down in sequence and understanding vocabulary, letter positioning, or spelling, etc. 

It is so important to understand where your child struggles and get the proper resources to help them understand and succeed. 

In the Simulations below you will see how Un-Dyslexic participants feel after they do tasks similar to what a Dyslexic might be feeling. I have to admit it was so nice to see someone feeling and experiencing some of things that I personally experienced in school. I was the best disguiser and just hid in class to avoid many of these things. What an eye-opener this is!

This next  very informative video, describes well how we use thoughts very differently from the non-dyslexic populous. 

These two video's describe how someone with a DL processes auditorial and positional information for the written word. 

Getting all of this great information can really help in our preparation for Homeschooling. It can help us to individualize our child's needs and help to find the accommodations they need for them to succeed and be everything that God has created them to be!

Embrace their Innovations, Imagination, Athletic Abilities, Machinery Mechanisms they love to do, Building Projects, Aspirations, Drawings, Space Explorations, Business Adventures and of course their LOVE of learning.

Let them experience this amazing world through the mind of a Dyslexic and watch them do extremely well!

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And of course....

Happy Learning :D

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  1. Thank you for sharing the videos! Very informative.

    1. No problem, it really helped me! Thanks for stopping by :)