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Orton-Gillingham Language Arts:
Keep in mind, these are often the only resource you will need for Language arts. Feel free to add where you see neccassary. This is for informational purposes only, as a guide to direct you and assist you.

You have LiPS Kit for ages K-4 
The LiPS® Program provides phonics instruction to helps students establish phonemic awareness — an essential base for reading, spelling, and speech.

They also offer a variety of other Kits, but the next one would be Seeing Stars for those that are a little older and a more COMPLETE LA Kit.

The Seeing Stars program develops symbol imagery—the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words—as a basis for orthographic awareness, phonemic awareness, word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading fluency.
Seeing Stars develops reading and spelling for your core or homeschool curriculum—and is highly effective as an intervention to develop reading skills for all ages of students. Recent research validates that Seeing Starsinstruction improves reading ability and is accompanied by changes in brain structure.

There is the Barton's System which is researched based and Orton Gillingham based. 
Step by step, they teach you the unique methods and sequence of teaching reading, spelling, and writing used by professionals in dyslexia clinics. 
Note: if the child is ready for it: My favourite

ABeCeDarian Program is an Orton Gillingham based Reading Program that is very good in building reading skills.

There is Alphabetic Phonics. They have workbooks on all different subjects, This is Orton-Gillingham based. Recommended by Susan Barton of the Barton's System. 

There is Project Read. They have very good Video Guides to help with your assistance. Be sure to use this link for those in Canada, there is another Project Read and it won't link you to the resources you will need for this program. Recommended by Susan Barton of the Barton's Program.

Feel free to pass along any more resources that could be of help to those that struggle with Dyslexia in Language Arts or offer your comments to the ones suggested! By the way, these are for you to look at, study, link up and see if one is good for your family, learning or even teaching style! It is always good to have a choice :D

There is also Verticity Learning which is a whole curriculum based on an Orton Gillingham solution.
Here is a link to their website 

Note: You will not need Spelling if you have chosen to get the Barton's System or any of the Gander Publishing LA Kits. 

All about Spelling is Orton-Gillingham based. This is what we use! 

A Complete, Comprehensive Spelling Program
  • Seven levels
  • No gaps
  • Multisensory lessons using sight, sound, and touch
  • Continual review
  • Teaches one concept at a time
  • Mastery-based
  • Orton-Gillingham methods combined with the latest research

Sequential Spelling has the Dyslexic in mind.

Non Orton-Gillingham, Charlotte Mason, Multisensory Approach Writing & LA

Dysgraphia can be such a challenge for Dyslexic students. I know my son couldn't care less about sitting to write. It is such a tiresome thing for him that he so badly would love to avoid it like the plague! There are things like pencil grippy's that could help and all sorts of different shaped pencil, I am sure...but he simply despises writing even if I bought him every little gadget I could find! But he needs to do it and he needs to learn Language Arts. So How can we accomplish this task?


Find something that works!

I am always looking and seeking for what will work. I will be doing reviews all next week of what is and isn't working in the realm of Language Arts for everyone. You can look for them on my Reviews tab at the top of the page.

It is so important to not have such a daunting task of writing be ruined by dry facts that your child deems, unimportant to do unless necessary, to avoid the struggle. Because, it is a major struggle for them and requires them to work way harder in writing then the average person. I have compiled some good resources below that many use and know works! The lessons are not too big and tiresome for our Dyslexic learners and are great for visual and auditorial learning. Check them out below!


Complete Writer Writing With Ease by Susan Wise Bauer is an awesome Charlotte Mason Style approach to writing, which I love. It gives a great lesson plan that is not too overwhelming for the Dyslexic learner. She uses Stories to capture the young reader's heart and then uses it as inspiration to write. She uses many Classical stories and Fables within the lessons; A very good program for reluctant writers.

You can also find her incredible book called The Well Trained Mind, a recommended good read.


Then there is Daily Grams. You can find them from about Grade 3 and up. I like these for Grammar because it is: short and sweet, to the point, not too much work, keeps Grammar a main focus each and everyday! They are not that expensive either.

~Just to note: You will still need to do things like: web work, main topic, beginning/middle/end of a story, etc for a full LA.



If you are looking for strictly, Charlotte Mason-styled workbooks. Then Queens Homeschooling is your best bet. There may be others too, so look around to find something that suits your families needs. This is very similar to Writing With Ease, but has very wonderfully detailed art work to accompany it! Awesome for Dyslexic learners! I also really appreciate her approach to scripture and weaving moral values throughout the learning process :D Which is many of the reasons I love to Homeschool!

These are some of the copywork lessons you would find:

They also carry many other lessons which include Bible and Thematic lessons etc. Find a Sample of this lesson below. Here are the Language Lessons:


They have a wonderful Cursive Writing Study which includes many wonderful Pictures to glean from. This is neatly done to have the writer study art appreciation and write about it too! Look at a sample below.

I use Handwriting Without Tears for our son in Cursive. But what I found is that the lessons are a bit too much for him at first. I would usually draw a line to separate the page up and get him to do that...but then we are way behind in his development because of that?? Now my son can do both sides of the work page with no problems!

For Reading:
Rod and Staff guide their books to the readers level. This may be helpful only as the readers! YOu can gauge where your child's abilities are and get books based on that level for readers. This is very helpful but is not an Orton-Gillingham based system! They are also very affordable and have great readers. They are scripture based and that is always good.  

Let me know what you think, what works for you and give your thoughts or suggestions for other Moms out there too :D

For Math:

I recommend Math U See. They have a US and Canada Math Program. This program is; multi sensory and hands on learning, very systematic, mastery-based learning, nice graduation of materials and very self explanitory. Has DVD's for the Parent and kids can watch them too which is very helpful!

Some have mentioned they use Right Start Math. This is based on a Montessori-style of teaching which is good for Hands-on multi-sensory.

Some have also mentioned that they use Jump Math. The one good thing about Jump Math is that is does follow a little more closely to PLO Standards in Canada. Not sure how well it behalves for those with Dyslexia, although I have seen some families use it with no complaints. 

UPDATE: I had a friend and she let me borrow it to see. I did not like this book for our family. Quite a bit of work for each lesson that was very abstract in design. I found it hard to follow and so did my son.  Let me know your thoughts and how this has helped your family!

The On Cloud Nine® (OCN®) program develops the ability to image and verbalize the concepts and processes of math. Concept imagery and numeral imagery are integrated with language to improve both mathematical reasoning and mathematical computation.
Albert Einstein Quote
On Cloud Nine is effective for elementary math instruction or as an intervention for students of any age or grade level who are experiencing difficulty in math or not performing to their potential.

Another one I RECOMMEND is: Gander Publishing, who makes LiPS, also has On Cloud Nine
THese guys know their stuff and you can count on this program to offer you a system geared for the Dyslexics learning challenges!

Online Math Options:

And of course Teaching Text Books!!!
Many families that have Dyslexia tend to use this for their older students.This Program is based on the student's individuality, in that they learn online. It teaches them the lesson and they use the workbooks too. This, I find, most Homeschool Moms with many children love. The child feels a sense of accomplishment too because they are learning and doing things on their own. It is visual and not simply black and white paper, which helps with reading the problems. There is a placement test for it and it starts at Grade 3. 

Is VERY similar to Teaching Textbooks. The only difference is that Teaching Textbooks use CD's to show problems and solving issues etc. CTC Math does not. It is simpler in graphic's and layout, meaning it doesn't look as 'cool' as Teaching Textbooks, but you get help right away instead of having to insert another CD for the specific help you need. CTC allows you just to click to get the answer solved or a step by step info etc. You can see a sample of it here How it Works

Davis Math Mastery might be for someone....although they were not clear if you are buying a curriculum kit or separate things, or if it was online programs etc, etc. I believe this is strictly Online, but you can check it out for yourself on the link above. 

Don't forget to sign up for an email subscription.  Please Let me know if you feel another curriculum or program needs to be added! Always leave a comment on what has been helpful for your family as this will help others just like you :D

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