Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Better Substitute for Sing Spell Read and Write

Sing Spell Read and Write has been the bread and butter to our beginnings of Homeschooling and although I still believe this to be an incredible Curriculum for Home learners, I am moving a tinsy, tiny bit away from it due to Dyslexia. I am just learning more and more, that my kids need more visuals. We learn with pictures. Well, pictures that have meaning!

Now I know, those of you who use SSRW are going to say, "....Hey! That is not fair, they have great visuals!" and in reality, I would have to agree with you...but for Dyslexic's it isn't doing very much (although it did give me a head start into the Barton's System and properly pronouncing letter sounds, which is very important). Please keep in mind, I do believe this is one of the best all-around L.A. Program's out there to have for regular Homeschoolers. So, for my children who are not Dyslexic, this is a definite program that I use with them! 

What I mean about Visuals: They have to have meaning; Or a clear step by step understanding of how to write a single letter for example. I use Handwriting Without Tears because of that. This is an image why:
Something like this is above almost all the work they have to accomplish. It is right there, accessible for them to look at and view while doing the activity!

Instead of teaching just phonics alone, I need something with a phonemic appraoch. I need some practical steps in order for my child to write neatly etc. And, although SSRW has good graphics for phonics, that is not what my Dyslexic learner needs :(

There needs to be meaning behind the word in order for them/us to understand and remember what that word does or says, even the simple words, including the sounds. That is where Seeing Stars comes in. It gives you a clear meaning or understanding of the word.
This way resonates very well with the Dyslexic learner. I am not sure what age level this is appropriate for, but it applies to any struggling reader. It may not be for early learners though. I highly recommend you contact them to see and arrange what is best. If you are in an IEP program, talk to your Teacher to help figure out which program is best suited for you and your child, always!

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