Monday, January 12, 2015

Homeschooling and my thoughts for 2016

Here we are trying to start 2015 & 

I am already thinking about 2016

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I can't help it though! 

As some of you already know I struggled last year. We struggled in homeschooling and I struggled with  the calling of it. I questioned if I was fit to be a home-educater or not. I thought that there would be more help in the school system and maybe if we could just tag-team...this all could just get better. Yet, it hasn't!

They are VERY unwilling to help--I mean nothing at all for Dyslexia! 

The school offered a tiny reading program which isn't even based on OG approach, or in a way that they will learn and that is it. 

They don't accept the IEP from our children's previous school and reject all Phsycoeducational evaluations that have been done with some of the best dyslexic doctors at UBC. They gave suggestions in these reports to prevent further disabilities and support needed and they laughed at them!

Now my kids are asking me why they aren't like everyone else and how come they don't understand what they do. They ask me why nobody helps them. They are embarrassed and frusterated. I went in to the school and spoke with the Principal and Teacher. I talked with them and they want the children to self-advocate. They want my oldest to do more to learn better and not help him at all when he is already sooooo lost! How would he be able to catch up when he has to do extra work just to somewhat be at the other kids' level and that doesn't include his work at home with the Barton's System. 

Not to mention, all the horrible things they ended up learning the first week of school. Like swear words, bullying, etc. When they came home at the end of the first week, this what not what I was expecting that they would learn in elementary school. Maybe High School, not elementary!  

This last week the teacher embarrassed my oldest with the food he brought ( which was a small bite of chocolate cake. I give this to him for encouragement to keep going in class) and all the students laughed at him. He came home so upset and couldn't focus on his homework. I asked him what happened and for it to come from his teacher, he was devestated.

The school system has definitely failed us.

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We looked at maybe some programs through our province ( we are in Canada) there was nothing besides the ones previously offered with our phsycoeducational evaluation that they refuted. Besides that nothing, unless serious and prolonged problems ( which I though this is, but obviously not within their records) they offer things for Autism and Down syndrome etc, not Dyslexia. It doesn't fit their program priority or funding criteria. 

They are now begging me to go back to homeschooling. 

And I don't blame them. I want them to come back. But, I also believe in finishing what you started and not running away from your problems. So, they will have to finish their year. Hence why I am looking at 2016. They also will have to ask themselves many questions:

The reason why I stopped homeschooling was because they stopped wanting to learn and listening to my instructions. If I start it up again, I need to have full confidence that they will adhere to me, the curriculum ( if we get some), and what they have to learn. I also have to look at how and what Homeschooling will look like for us in the next year to come. Maybe some may want to stay in school and others Homeschool. What will our schedule look like then? Etc.

There is a lot to think about for no and I will do my best to keep you updated. So if you are subscribed, watch your inboxes for our decision and the next steps we will be taking.

How was your homeschooling year?
What was your struggles and what have you learned from them?

In the mean time,
Happy Learning!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Most Popular Posts of 2014

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I can't say it enough.

You guys made it such a pleasure to: compile information for, pour my heart out to, and really learn, and grow as a Dyslexic mom, trying to teach & guide her children--who also deal with dyslexia. What a great year!

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As always,
Happy Learning :D

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Dyslexic Homeschooler: Learning with The Barton System

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I just had to re-blog this from one of my original post back in the day. This post was created November 26, 2013!

Wow, how time flies :D

Happy Learning