Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Day in the Life Of: When things don't go according to the Schedule

So we have been bombarded with so many interruptions lately, between sickness and church responsibilities, we have had a few days of Schedule "hiccups". I call these days are off days

Before when we had our off days, I would barely do school...to be honest I probably didn't do any school. Just being real with you all :D I didn't know where to start or how to get organized once we were interrupted so badly. 

Now that we have incorporated our schedule, these days are so much easier to handle. I can look at our schedule and adapt to what I can do, or see how the timing will work out for each subject. I can judge better on how the day will look and work around it by using the Schedule as a guide. This has been so beneficial. 

Some subjects I will do if we are really crunched for time is:  L.A. & Math. If we can't get anything done, this, we will not skimp out on. A little is better than none, I think to myself. 

Life is always busy in our day and age, but skipping school days I do not recommend. I found it was harder to get back in the rhythm of things, so to speak, if we missed any days. It was harder to teach on the next thing because we needed to focus more on review than anything else. It was one step forward and two steps back for many of those days. 

We can not avoid distractions at times. We are busy Mom's. We have chores to do, errands to run, outside responsibilities that beckon us, not to mention dirty diapers, messes kids constantly make during the day, etc. etc. It is a hard thing to live and learn in the same building. So, being flexible I think is our life line. 

I never beat myself up for days we only get to a little bit of actual worksheet-type schooling. My kids are constantly learning and I take opportunities to teach in every area of their lives. Be encouraged and never beat yourself up, there is no way you can really do it all. Enjoy what you can do :D

Here are a few things we did during our off day recently!

A Day in the Life Of

 For my Pre-Schooler, she did puzzle work and pattern work with beads. She also learned the Phonic sound of Kk.

My Grade 1'er did L.A and Math work.

My Kindergartener did LA and his math work. He had to sequence up to 10 today.

Then, he counted down from Ten and we made the Rocket Blast up to Space!

**wanted to do a Science Experiment with an actual rocket that shot up with Baking Soda and Vinegar. This is one of the things we had to skip ;( But we will do it next time.

**Interestingly though, we ended up doing more Math & Science anyway during snack-time. The kids were complaining about who would get the bigger container for their fishy crackers. I thought, "What a perfect time to teach volume!" I told them we were going to learn about volume and I took the smaller container (or the one that appeared smaller) and filled it up with fishy crackers. I asked if anyone thought it would fill up the larger one just the same as the smaller. To their amazement, it did, and nobody complained about the containers anymore ;D Life learning opportunities are the best!

My Grade Three'er did his L.A. and Math...he took longer because we have up'd his math to 2 worksheets. He was behind and I knew he could handle the work load. 

Then the kids did their iPad work, they are learning about Martin Luther King on Brain POP :D

Happy Learning!

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  1. That's so great! I tend to throw in the towel on those tough days, but this encouraged me to simply tackle one or two things that we DO have time for.

    1. Thanks Gabby :D
      I am glad that it has encouraged you. It is hard at times! But thank God we are not alone on this Homeschooling journey.

      Many Blessings,


  2. I know those 'hiccup' days well! Love your encouraging post. There are days when we just have to do what we can and be content with that. It makes it easier to pick up the next day and move forward if I'm not bogged down too much fretting over what I did not accomplish today.
    Stopping by from Raising Arrows today!