Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bug Collecting-The science behind Discovery!

Entomology starts at such an early age and with all of those tiny Science experiments waiting to happen-how can you avoid getting your fingers dirty and digging to investigate them for yourself? Especially when they look and move with such fascination! Even ants-the most notorious of bugs. They are everywhere! So what better way to start class than in your very own backyard...

Looking at Ants you can observe how they live by finding an ant hill. Sometimes you can also get a kit, but I find the backyard much more fun! You can observe what they eat by putting out certain foods by these hills to see what types of food they prefer and record it in a science journal. You can observe how they are a colony and stay in line. You can study how they have order and use their scent for others. "Consider the ant..." the Bible says...You can search the scriptures on them and find some wonderful wisdom. Ants are a great way to start!

We got a butterfly kit and that was such an amazing experience for our family! The kids got to see the butterfly emerge from its cocoon and see their faces....I have never seen anything so wonderful. It almost reminded me of birth in itself and I am absolutely astonished that God would let us do such an amazing thing. I will add a link below with places you can order butterfly kits through. 

Let your child's imagination change and become wiser through observations and studying God's wonderful creation. Here are some great ways to enhance learning and use some other senses to develop stronger neurological pathways! 

Write and draw about what you have seen or learned. Keep it to a sentence or very short paragraph for those that have strong Dysgraphia. Or, better yet, scribe for them and let their words flow freely!

Create bugs using paint and leaves from autumn. I love the idea above!

Easy and cheap fun Creations!

Then, of course, bake something! 

Below I have added a recipe that I love!! Maybe bring it to your Homeschool learning Co-op or bring it to your small Homeschool meet-ups for some fun :D 
*Warning* some of the girls may not eat them lol!

Here is a recipe of Dirt and Bugs-Yummy!!


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