I think one of the hardest and most difficult task is raising children. Then, we decide to spend every waking minute with our children and try to pay a new role of teacher with them. Some children will grab this and absolutely love it! Others, like a few of mine, don't like the change always. Especially if these are the ones that are Dyslexic and are struggling in the areas of academics. 

Children want so badly to please their parents and have them be proud of what they do and who they are. I can always picture my kids doing somethings insignificantly new and exciting to them and they are calling out, "Look at me mommy! See what I can do!" In which all the kids start showing off something too to get the same recognition! But, when it comes to school and struggling, they almost don't want Mommy to look at them or see what they CAN'T do. 

This can be so heartbreaking for you or your child. They don't understand that you want to be their personal cheerleader and that you believe in them so much. Sometimes I would say this and it still would be greeted with an obvious shame. 

This Page was created for all those Mom's out their with a Child or Mommy, who may be suffering in their Homeschool. It is a place of Encouragement. It is a Place for you to share too. We are not Super Mom, nor should we live up to that. We are taking on such a huge task of rearing our Children and Teaching them. Be Content and know that there are Mom's out there who have struggled too! Who have cried right along with you! Who are asking the same questions as you! Who want to quit some days, just like you!

So read the Past Posts and be Encouraged :D

I have been reading in Ezekiel lately about the story of the crusty old pot that God said He would burn because it was so badly crusted with scum that it would not be able to get clean. It was really funny ( I love God's sense of humour sometimes) because at that time I was actually making a soup. Most of the family wasn't going to be home until later and so I thought I would let it simmer for all the flavours to really combine. I took a break from reading that paragraph to check on the soup and reflect on what I read. As I approached my pot, I thought maybe I would have a quick bowl before they came home because the hot buns just came out of the oven and they would still be another hour or more. So, I turned the heat up to a boil. I like my soup hot! As I am standing there reflecting on God's word and how it could apply to my life I watched the pot start to roll. I noticed that there was no scum on the surface, but now that the roll began to happen and the heat was stronger, the scum immediately began to appear and so I grabbed my ladle.

You know, even though the two incidences were happening at the same time...I did not fully register the thought was linked to my actions until the second time I checked on the pot and realized that there was a lot of scum I had to remove! Then it dawned on me....

The heat was the force that made the scum or impurities leach out. While my pot was simmering, there was no impurities getting out. But, once a hotter heat was applied, it was finally able to release.

I thought about this in my life. How often God needs to turn up the heat to refine me and my heart. Especially when it comes to Homeschooling. Well, actually, every area of my life.  So often I am complaining about this or that. Yet, God is saying He wants to refine me. This is a humbling experience at its best I think. Which, in turn, turns our hearts back towards Him!

Homeschooling is probably the most challenging thing among others that I have had to face. Then to add Dyslexia on top, that is a whole new ball game! Many times I feel like I am in the dugout. I don't know which base I am on, whether or not I should be in the outfield or batting? Sometimes I can't even find the ball. Then, after all that, I can get angry with the Team if we come up short, or if the player strikes out! Many times this is the son with Dyslexia. After three times explaining ( and many many more) he can easily strike out. I think, if I can run to the Home Base, which is my Lord and Saviour, and cry out to Him in those times of struggle, I would be 'SAFE'!

So when the heat is on and the boil of PLO's, reports, expectations, paper work, writing assignments, getting to things on time, start to add on pressure; allow God to purify your heart and use it as a time for Joy! That God cares about your purity towards Him and the children He has given you. Allow it to guide you to your knees and reflect on His Righteousness alone, His perfect timing, His love and Grace which is sufficient for you. Let the Peace of God fill you and not the troubles of the world. Lay your heart out before for him and then go back and give the Team a high five....you are doing not too bad after all. You can get'em next time! Buy your players some ice cream and tell them you love them for their dignity is in Christ and not the worlds standards. You are a great Team with God's help!

Riddled throughout the bible there are many different subjects; One of which, is Thankfulness. I can't help but look around and wonder if I have been truly Thankful for all that He has given me. It is funny, in a sad way, that I can look back when I first came to know Christ and clearly see how thankful I was. I remember in my prayers, always trying to show, or say how thankful I was that He would delight Himself in me. So much so, that He laid down His life for mine. All this He did, even when I had rejected Him in times past: How thankful I was.

Fast Forward:
I am facing my, 'Mountain of Sorrows' again! (code word for; clean laundry pile on the floor in our bedroom waiting to be dealt with...the one the kids have trampled on and yes, I rearranged back into a mountain for the 3rd time today) Kids attitudes have gotten the best of me and I broke down today and resorted to raising my voice and speaking harshly to try and be heard in the midst of other children still trying to interrupt and a screaming toddler. Traffic was jammed and made me late, rushing to get things ready for us to leave again. On the way out the door we can't find any clean or matched socks again! The youngest is fighting to not go in his car seat, while the others are not even buckled up yet and we need to leave right now. One of our children was asked to wash their face and used their shirt as the napkin like always. Haven't had a chance to really talk with my husband or God for that matter yet today. And on...and on...and on it can go....

Let's face it: Life is hard. It is not easy. Throw in more adults and children who need you constantly, work, friends, school; This life is real and has a real list of chalk-full challenges. But, did Jesus just leave us and say, "Hey! I will save your life to give you more troubles and leave you to your sorrows?" Let me answer that one for you....NO ;)

He promises to be there to help. Sometimes, I think we are too busy to realize all the things that actually are good in our lives and we (I mean, I) tend to focus on the negative.

I got to cuddle with my little girl before she went to bed and she had fallen asleep in my arms. My husband came home and let me go out and talk to real adults and not children for a few hours. God spoke to my heart in the van alone and I got to sing praises to him.  I had a heart-to-heart conversation with one of my boys and we grew closer to each other and to God. My littlest man amazed me with how much he has grown and what a sweet little man he is becoming. Family called just to see how I was doing and told me how much praying for them really helped. My Dyslexic child read a whole book to me....his first ever doing this all on his own. My heart swelled with Joy. My husband quickly grabbed me for a hug and we shared a moment together un-interupted. He made breakfast! What's not to be thankful about that! We had dinner on time and I was able to tidy up before we left to go to church and minister to God's people. And on....and on.... and on this one could go too.

I guess, in a nut shell; It is really, what my hang-up is or what I want my focus to be? There is a reason why God reminds us in His word, "to be thankful always, in all things..." or, "whatever things are good...think on these things." It involves our will.

When I was young my life was so full of Joy, it was easy to praise God. Now that my life is super-full and the Joy can easily get squeezed out, my will needs to step in and give room to still be thankful and let that Joy in.

God is still God and has changed me. This fact has never changed. I still get to make Heaven my home and that is all that should matter. Then why doesn't it sometimes? This is what I return to time and time again: I need to encourage myself in the Lord like David and say, "I am free from the bondages of sin and get to spend eternity with the one who saved me! What more could I ask for?" Then on top of that He has blessed me with children when some could not have them. He has given me food and clothing when some has had none. When I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and I am getting the stare-down from those mountains...this is what I rely on. For my Joy to be renewed; His Love and the Salvation He gives. Being Thankful is only a 'will' away!

So as we are sitting here having our family night and Daddy's playing throw tic tac toe, I thought what a perfect time to read my bible! His timing is always perfect. He is so faithful and always willing to let us in on a closeness with Him.

I have been overwhelmed for a while with all the pressures of my own undoings, my own worst enemy, me. Most of the time I am not living up to standards that I impose on myself and make everyone suffer because of it. Oh, how often we can fall apart if we do not achieve our crazy goals? I mean, who cares if I have how many children? Homeschooling? In the ministry? I still can't keep my house in order?? Why is the laundry not done? How come the floor looks like I just buried a cat for the third time today? How in the world did honey get on that? What is clogging up the sink upstairs? And where did you get that ball of string that looks awfully similar to the carpet?!!

My list might look different then yours, but it is the same list in all. The list that includes goals that are impossible for us to meet all of the time. Then we are left wondering what we are thinking to try and do this all....Or worse, we are left to wonder if maybe God didn't know what He was doing putting us in charge of it all...I mean, doesn't He know that we aren't cut out for this! 

John came before Jesus to remind us what our purpose is and Paul says it best...
"And as John fulfilled this course, he said, Whom think ye that I am? I am not he. But, behold, there cometh one after me, whose shoes of his feet I am not worthy to loose." Acts 13:25 KJV

I will simplify this for you. You see, even John knew that; Hey! I am not  perfect, I am not even worthy and yes, I have failed in the realm of perfection. But, look, look at Jesus and follow Him! 

How simple this is, but profound! Paul goes on to say that the word of salvation was sent to us. That Jesus became our salvation through his death and He saw no corruption but was raised from the dead. He is a living God and He is perfect for us. Should we still sin? God forbid. We still need to walk in faith and righteousness, but know, when we come up short, he fills the gap. In the realm of our goals, we need to realize that God only requires our faith and love and we are the ones that set the highest goals. God's highest goals were set and Jesus fulfilled them for us, because He knew we couldn't! God is constantly reminding us that He loves us even if we fail the goals we tend to set. What a great God we serve! 

If we don't measure up to our neighbours, God still love us!
If we are not getting the best Homeschool Mom award, God still loves us!
If you r kids aren't perfect...you get the picture :D These are our Sure Mercies of God.

"Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which you could not be justified by the Law of Moses." Acts 13:34

Forgiveness of sins and freedom of guilt are available to all people in Christ. What a way to usher in His Birthday! The reminder of why He was born in the first place. Glorious! 

Boaz helps Ruth

In my bible reading I read in Matthew when Jesus was speaking about the final judgement. The Righteous asked in reply,

"When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? Or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?"

What I thought immediately was a question for myself. When I have I acted on these as well? Then I thought to myself that; The way these righteous asked, it was almost forgotten in their minds? Why was that? Then it occurred to me that this was such a part of their lives that they had forgotten entirely that they had done it. They might of thought of God and Jesus literally, as to serving them. But, they also probably would have tried to search their minds in an extravagant time they showed an enormous amount of mercy on an individual. But what I feel this might be saying is that, in fact, this was bred into their daily living!

How many times do you think you tucked your little one into bed with a kiss, shopping for clothing, food etc. We just do it and don't think much of it. It is our duty to care for our children. The same for the family of God and those that are in need all around us! This needs to be bred in such a way we also think of it as our duty, something we do on a daily basis because it is what God wants from us.

"And the King shall answer and say unto them. Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." 

We are doing it unto Him! Some like to help out neighbours that are kind and so on. It is easier to help those that are nice, but what does it mean to help those that are the least of these? Not only should we have a servants heart for those that need us and our easy to help or nice, but I believe we also have to extend our love and hands out to those that might be harder to reach. The least among the crowd in our own eyes. This might be hard for some, but it is what God wants to be apart of our lives. Clothing the naked, hunger for a stranger, seeing the sick, those in prison and to minister to them, this is what God requires. It is not to earn anything from God...but our duty and servanthood for him. It should be of a grateful heart, that God would allow us to minister in this way, just as we minister to our own family's needs.

I pray as we usher in Our Saviours birth we don't shy away from the words he came to speak and teach. That we apply them to our lives daily and seek out ways we too can minister, clothe, feed those around us that are in need. The best thing to do for our children is to be an example of what Christ wants in our lives, teaching through living as He did!

Many Blessings and Happy Helping :D

I love a great Link up lately, but when I did this week, I found a wonderful Post by The Modest Mom Blog and it really sums up some things in my heart. Have a read for yourself :D

On the topic of being Gentle in our femininity, I have a book that I go to for advice every now and then. It is full of great wisdom from a regular Mom just like me and you who had gone through the ups and downs and settled into to prayer to seek God's ultimate Wisdom.

She then, with the encouragement of her husband embarked on a new vision that was placed in her heart from God to be meek and quiet, even in Homeschooling! Hence the book title, Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit

LOL, When I saw the title I almost laughed because I thought..."you don't know my house hahaa, there is not many quiet times where I feel like being meek!" It turns out, she felt the same :D But chose God's heart instead of her own. Although there are a few things I don't particularly agree with (just a tad ;) I always turn back to it when I know I need a good cup of Wisdom to wash down my pride and stubbornness sometimes!

So grab a-cup-a-joe and get a good read with Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit.

Happy Learning!


Just found this very encouraging poster!

Homeschool Domination



Broken from chalkguy on GodTube.

This Guy is incredibly gifted. He is open about the fact that he is Dyslexic and ADD and attributes this to the things he is good at. He has spoke at schools all over the US sharing his story and encouragement. The best part is that he loves God! Be encourage and focus on your strengths!

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