Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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We need a Schedule!

I posted a while back that we are doing a Rotational System for teaching the kids. But to be honest, it hasn't really been working out. I am sure you all could feel the hesitation of that system in my earlier post. I was talking with my Support Teachers and they suggested a new system.

Well, we put it to the test.

It works!

For many different reasons, but the one main thing, we need a Schedule!

Before I was pretty casual. I hate time and working within it {mainly due to Dyslexia}. It really can get my feather all in a tangle sometimes, but I need it. I really work best in it too. And when it comes to school, it just doesn't work for us without a set schedule and a good routine. Everyone seems a lot happier! So that makes me happy.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect and the kids are restless if I am not ready for every change that is occuring. The littlest ones still try to get involved and interrupt the process. Some kids are not in the mood to cooperate, etc. Today we started late...but it still worked because of the Schedule. Before, our whole day would be thrown way off because of that, and that was no fun.

Also before, if one child took a lot longer, some of the others would get little to no school at all that day. This is mostly due to the fact that all my children are still very dependent on me for the reading and writing components of they're schooling. As they become more independent, this will ease up my constant time, so I can be free in the planning or organization of our Homeschooling day.

Here is our Schedule:

As you can see, I alternate what each child is doing, so they can have more one-on-one while the other child is doing a task that I know they can do independently. It really helps me get more done during the day and they can see what's ahead. Our oldest son who is in Grade 3 (he is Dyslexic) kept looking at the schedule in excitement to see what he had coming next. This really helped him in the focus of doing the work before him. This was one of our major struggles before; He really gets side-tracked, this keeps him motivated. 

Also, when it is up...I am accountable and bound by it too. And be sure, my kids will keep me to it lol!

On the bottom I have other subjects we will cover over the week and switch out the ones we have already done. We try to do Barton's twice a week. Plus we have a Community Class and a Gym time we will start in January...so these will change slightly throughout the week, but the structure will not. This gives for a lot of flexibility for our family. 

Let me know what you use and how it has helped your family. Please feel free to adapt this schedule to meet your families needs too!

Happy Learning :D

Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Recipe I want to Share!

For Christmas, I wanted to make a healthy version {or at least as close as I could get} of our Holiday dinner. Being that I was put to the task of our Annual Feast. I got to say what went into everything...hehheee. Okay, That was a little devilish of me, but at least their won't be anything I wouldn't want to eat being served. Some things I have seen served, well, I will save you the thought! 

So off to the task of the main course, I went and tried to find a FRESH Turkey. Nothing beats a fresh turkey and you don't have to defrost it, yay! I wanted to buy an Organic Turkey, but they were way out of our price range for the size of Turkey we needed. So, I chose the best second choice, one without any antibiotics, free range etc. I got lots of fresh herbs for the top and sea salt, with a little touch of infused garlic, rosemary and oregano oil..it was wonderful! 

I made a fresh salad with mini kale greens, shredded fennel, radishes and a fresh vinaigrette with crumbles of feta wrapped around it like a white Christmas Present. It was delicious. For veggies I mixed cut carrots, parsnips and brussel sprouts. I tossed these with a little butter, salt and fresh dill. Even though I love being healthy...I do go for real butter! It is just way more yummier and I like to buy real food ;) Of course all this is organic and nobody even knows they are eating a ton of extra nutrients. { I felt so sneaky} I love it!

Stuffing was also made homemade with little oil and lots of Organic Goodness. But, Of course there had to be potatoes and those were blended and smoothed with extra butter and herbs.
I have to admit the potatoes had gravy to serve with it and I did not cinch on the fat...but I only had a little bit of both the potatoes and gravy :D I loaded up on the salad! 

Then there were the Hors d'oeuvres which included this recipe I would like to share.

You will need:

  • 1/2 Cup of Cream Cheese
  • 1 tsp Olive Oil
  • 2 tsp (or more) of milk
  • 1/2 - 1 Clove of Garlic crushed and minced well
  • Sea Salt Finely crushed to taste
  • 1-2 Tbsp  Chopped Chives
  • 1 Whole Cucumber
  • Small Sprigs of Fresh Dill for Garnishing

  1. Mix all of the ingredients into a small bowl. Except the Dill Sprigs.  *If you like a smoother cream, please add more milk. If you prefer a more garlic flavour, please add in the whole clove.
  2. Wash the cucumber and with a potato peeler, peel some of the sides leaving some of the green skin exposed. This would be done length-wise down the cucumber.
  3. Slice into thick bit sized chunks
  4. Spoon out with a small spoon the inner seeded area of the cucumber
  5. Gently spoon in cream sauce into each cucumber cup you have made
  6. Place one neat little Dill Sprig on each one
  7. Serve on your best Plate
  8. Then Enjoy :D

Don't forget to share your Holiday Recipes. I would love to hear about them!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Learning Sight Words

I stumbled across an AWESOME guest post by Make Take Teach on www.icanteachmychild.com

It really gives great advice to moms at home teaching our children a multi-sensory approach for sight words.

They also have games and links to printable sheets for their suggestions. Mainly it is working with Dolch word List Level 1. But you can use these methods for all of the Levels! 

I must say that Make Take and Teach has some great FREEBIES too :D 
Find free posters for blends, syllables, consonant diagraphs, phonological awareness and common blends etc. They link to a blog post which shows you how to teach some lessons ...Great Resource! You can find them here

Happy Learning!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Reading Time

I wanted to share this Video with everyone. I have noticed on some sites that my son isn't the only one starting to actually read at the age of 8 or later.

This is to encourage you and help you. This was taken when he first started to pick up reading and like it! I mention throughout some of it, his obvious struggles that will get better over time, but never go away completely because of Dyslexia....I still struggle with some today. They are just little hurdles we have to jump over or go around with handy little tools, like spell-check :D

I am incredibly proud of how my son has progressed and want to encourage you Mom's out there, to hang in there...it may be a little bumpy at times...but they are trying and they are learning to read one book at a time!

Some tips to help with reading:

  • Keep it at the level they can do. 
  • Not too many big, non-used words that they may be unaware of. 
  • Get a book in their level that is a topic they want to learn about
  • Get books that are not typical school books, they may cover topics that are not so educational for our children, but the key here....is READING! Getting them to enjoy it, so they can use it to learn!

Happy Learning and Keep at it...You are doing an Awesome Job!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Reflections.....

Today is officially BOXING DAY here in Canada. It is a great time to get deals Similar to a Black Friday. Most families have given and opened their gifts. In light of all of that, I can't help but look back on our last few days and wonder in amazement how peculiar we sometimes can be with one another. It had me thinking....

We give gifts out of love and most often we try and get the recipient what he/she would like. However, this does not always go as planned! How many times can we here those words, "aww, you shouldn't have" or "um, thanks" and you can hear in every inch of; the facial expression, body movement, tone of voice, exuding the obvious distasteful composer that they really don't like it. But they are nice...or in some families, not! Ahem, moving on ;) We tend to be courteous but really we are thinking of any means in getting rid of that gift.

It got me musing about Jesus and His role in all of our quirky ways. Then, it dawned on me. Christmas is not about giving at all actually....It is all about RECEIVING!!

Why you ask?


Jesus came so we would accept and receive Him by Grace through Faith. We give gifts to honour the greatest gift of all, Jesus. Some people don't like the colour of that, it is not really their style, and others just don't feel comfortable with that kind of gift. Some people, when given the Gospel, will be courteous, but are completely thinking of other motives or ways of rejecting the precious gift given to them to receive.

It is one of the biggest heart wrenching scenes to see, when a child is ungrateful, or unthankful for a gift that is given to them, especially one that is given out of great love and work.

So as we are settling in from all the hustle and bustle, remember when Aunty Bertha gives you that same awful scarf for Christmas, to receive it with Joy and love...plus you may surprise her and it will make her night :D

Merry Christmas

(by the way, thank goodness I have spell check tonight!!)

If you have any great stories of an awful gift that you accepted and was thankful for, please don't hesitate to share...or just your thoughts too are great!!!

Boxing Day Traditions around the World

Boxing Day Traditions around the World with Little Passports 

While the exact origins of Boxing Day aren't completely known, one of the more well-known traditions of this holiday started several hundred years ago in England. At this time, Boxing Day -- the day after Christmas -- was when the wealthy landowners would bring gifts of food or other necessities to the homes of people who worked for them. Many countries have continued this tradition of being generous to those who are in need at this time of year, but Boxing Day around the world has also changed to include other festivities and events.

In the Bahamas, they celebrate with a festival -- called Junkanoo -- dating back to the 16th or 17th century. On December 26th, Bahamans celebrate with a large and colorful street parade during which people wear magnificent costumes, masks, and headdresses, and dance, sing, and play music as they proceed through the streets. There's even a Junkanoo museum in downtown Nassau (the capital of the Bahamas) where visitors can see costumes from past festivals.

New Zealand is another country that celebrates Boxing Day during their summer weather. Taking advantage of the nice weather, some New Zealanders may choose to go swimming in the ocean or the lakes and rivers. Others might decide to hike and have a picnic on the trail. Those families who just want to stay home and take it easy after the Christmas celebrations might flip on the television to watch cricket and grill up some Christmas dinner leftovers. Other families might go to the Ellerslie Boxing Day Races. These are horse races that have been held on Boxing Day for over 150 years at the Auckland Racing Club.

Australia is another country that has sports-centered Boxing Day traditions. On the day after Christmas, Australians can either watch the Boxing Day Test match featuring Australia’s cricket team or they can cheer on sailors competing in the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race. The Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race, which is thought to be one of the most difficult yacht races in the world, starts in the harbor of Australia’s largest city, Sydney, and finishes in Hobart, the capital of the Australian island Tasmania.

Although we don't celebrate Boxing Day in the United States, Sam, Sofia, and the team at Little Passports will be honoring the tradition by helping those in need in their local community. How does your family give back during the holidays?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013



On Sale right now for $1.99

On Sale now for $1.99

Our Boogie Board LCD eWriter is a brilliant solution for all your note taking needs, with a pressure sensitive LCD screen that lets you write just like pen and paper. Ultra thin and incredibly light it makes an indispensable note-taking tool for home, office, classroom, or coaching. It's an exciting tool for children to practice writing and create whimsical artwork.
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I think that is all for now ;) Happy Boxing Day Shopping

Boxing Day Sales :D

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Little Engine that Could, Corduroy, Goodnight goodnight construction sight on Sale!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

The Greatest thing about Christmas is the reason behind Christmas. It is not only in that precious sweet baby and the incredible story of how our Saviour has come into the world. But so often, we can lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Why He came here in the first place. It was to live out His Father's Will and to die for the sin's of mankind. His introduction was Meek and Humble, but so was His death where He cried out, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

As a Family Tradition, we all gather around the Christmas tree and before we open gifts, we recognize why we even give gifts in the first place, and that is because Christ is our gift for Salvation. Then we ask our children why do we have a tree with lights on it? So we can be a light in this world through Jesus. Then, we ask our children why there is a star at the top of our Tree? Because, the wise men followed a star to baby Jesus. Then, my husband reads the Christmas story and we open our gifts to receive a blessing from each other in honour of the blessing that God has given us.

So from all of us here at Dyslexic Homeschooling, many blessings to you,


Monday, December 23, 2013

Free Kindle Books

Please keep in mind, these are free at the moment, but that may change.

Download a free copy of Flight of the Butterflies Flight of the Butterflies (Penguin Young Readers, L3)

Download a free copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Resource Tutorial

Check out a few of the resources we are using and how they benefit the Dyslexic learner.

These resources are from Lakeshore Learning and you can find What's the Matter here, NON-fiction cards here and Continents of the World here.

Measuring Snow Fun!

We just did a great Science Experiment.

We took snow and packed it into a jar. Measured the inches of it and then coloured in our graph. After that we guessed what the measurement would be after it melts and coloured in a graph for that. Lastly, we took the actual measurement of the water that was left when it had melted. It was a great Experiment using measurement, science, probability, and analyzation! Plus it was super fun for the kids and you can't beat that :D

Once we were finished, we wrote about what we learned in a short sentence. We looked at how snow is made and what a molecule is, and how it is affected through out the process of water to snow etc.

So we got to cover Math and Science and see how those two are related and work together to form an experiment. Great Fun!

All these sheets were found on Home School Helper, which is free resources. You can find the link on the right side bar. Also, if you sign up for Post subscription you can have my free activity resource pack, which is called "Winter Wonderland" and cover's many different subjects including Math, Vocabulary and Health. Check out my FREE Booklets Page for that :D

Friday, December 20, 2013

DK Reader Sales

This one is just good for us Moms :D

DK and Easy Readers:

What is Dysgraphia?

What is Dysgraphia?

Wikipedia writes,
"Dysgraphia is a deficiency in the ability to write, primarily in terms of handwriting, but also in terms of coherence.[1] Dysgraphia is a transcription disability, meaning that it is a writing disorder associated with impaired handwriting, orthographic coding (orthography, the storing process of written words and processing the letters in those words), and finger sequencing (the movement of muscles required to write)....
The word dysgraphia comes from the Greek words dys meaning "impaired" and graphia meaning "writing by hand".
People with dysgraphia can often write on some level and may experience difficulty with other fine motor skills, such as tying shoes. However, dysgraphia does not affect all fine motor skills. People with dysgraphia often have unusual difficulty with handwriting and spelling[2] which in turn can cause writing fatigue.[3] They may lack basic grammar and spelling skills (for example, having difficulties with the letters p, q, b, and d), and often will write the wrong word when trying to formulate their thoughts on paper."
NCLD says,

"Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects writing, which requires a complex set of motor and information processing skills. It can lead to problems with spelling, poor handwriting and putting thoughts on paper. People with dysgraphia might have trouble organizing letters, numbers and words on a line or page."

 Here is a Video that helps with Understanding Dysgraphia and practical solutions:

OK, it looks like my child probably has Dysgraphia...Now what?!

I have notice that some families are opting out of being under a 'School' in particular. So, if that is you and you are only Registered with a School or are completely Un-Schooling, this may be a harder process. One that involves little outside help. You may be required to pay for the full funding of things etc. Pray and keep seeking. Being independent can have its blessings too! Scroll down to the assessment links and there you can find some helpful information. 

However, if you are Enrolled in a School through Homeschooling, the process is much easier. There are usually fewer students and more one-on-one help from Support Teachers. There still might be a few bumps...but not as much as some families I know that are in the Public System. In the Public Schooling sector, you may find it to be a very daunting task with hurdles and people to go through. Never fear though, just pray and God will help direct your path!

Once Dysgraphia or Dyslexia is in question. The next step would be to talk with your Support Teacher or Class Teacher. It is their duty to help assist and/or find Learning Difficulties in your child and to help the Parent in her support through that process. They may have helpful resources for you in recognizing Dysgraphia, or may have already started the process through observations. The key here is COMMUNICATION :)

There is Tutors that can help (I will give links to those in a post later this week) and she/he may refer you to them. The school may have some in place and be able to implement that help right away. They may have helpful tips or tools in the classroom ready for those situations (Eg. pencils that are in different shapes, grippy's for the pencil etc.) then there is the testing too! They may ask you to do an online assessment. 

After the above issues are played out, the next step is Professional Assessments. Often times, the parent has to pay for some, or all, of the testing. Some schools may have funds to assist and you should ask if that is  the case! It never hurts to ask, my husband always says :D

I am not sure about the US, but here in Canada, there are a very few different places that offer Dyslexia and Dysgraphia testing, which include:

  • Canadian Dyslexia Centre runs about $500 + tax
  • Dyslexia Hamilton runs about $325 + tax
  • The Open Door
  • Behavior and Learning
  • *Ed/Psych testing strongly recommended (will reveal learning challenges)
    (Cost is ~$3000, however, Extended Health may cover most of the cost.  Check to see what your health plan will cover.)

  • This is just an Awesome Information link for Canada and US
  • British Columbia branch of the International Dyslexia Association
    Private School Assessments:
    Frazier Academy, Vancouver, BC   604-736-5575
    Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School, North Vancouver, BC  604-985-5224
    Learning Difficulties Centre, Prince George, BC   250-564-8011

Below is a link to a helpful Video that directs you to help that is rightfully yours in the School System  for those in the US. 

Learning Difficulties will always be a challenge. 
But that is just it....Challenges are meant to be Overcome!

Free Shipping on Theo!

We adore Theo as a family!
 My kids actually begged me for new ones after they had watched the ones that they already had, over and over again :D We also have their App, which I use on the iPad, to bring to Sunday School Class for the kids as a treat for memorizing scripture. I love them because they teach in such an incredibly simple, yet profound manner that gets the message clearly across. Really good foundational teachings, characters and animation! 

Theo provides a great opportunity to teach your children important truths of the Bible.

Enjoy free shipping by using the code: SHIPFREE

Placed orders before December 20th to ensure arrival in time for Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What if They Don't go to College?

I thought Abundant Life's Post would give insight and experience into the often times sensitive subject of College. Enjoy!

What if They Don't go to College?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Great Resources!

Delightful kids' crafts delivered right to your door. shop now ››
Kiwi Crate now ships to Canada! I was soooo excitted to learn that Kiwi Crate is shipping to Canada Now! They have such a great thing going on and now for us too :D If you don't know about them, see below!
Get festive with Kiwi Crate's Holiday Creativity Kits! shop now ››

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Kiwi Crate offers a range of subscription levels, all shipped for free:
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15% off Orders $100 or more + Free Shipping

Learning Resources is having a sale on and you can Save Up to 70% off!

Below is some of the things we use in our Homeschooling, or think will be great for other Dyslexic learners! Some are ones that I am looking forward to getting too. I think learning through games is the best thing to concrete those neurological pathways after learning a new concept as well as break up the day for them and get them to enjoy learning again :)

POP for Rhyming Game - $9.99

Fun pre-reading practice with a POP! Pull a picture card say what you see ("cat") then say a word that rhymes to keep your card. Pull a POP bubble and all your cards go back! Fast-paced game includes durable bubble-jar container with guide printed on the outside 80 bubble-shaped cards and spinner. Spin and take a bubble card. Name the image shown on the card and then say a word that rhymes. Watch out for the POP cards! Be the player with the most bubble cards and win!

Talk Block Set of 5 - $72.99

Recordable block reaches beyond simple listening and speaking practice (auditory) to also include visual reinforcement. Insert card/photo and press down to record and replay up to 30 seconds of sound. Flip the switch to lock. Convey activity instructions assess or reinforce skills (phonics sight words mental math vocabulary and more). Great augmentative communication tool. Grades PreK+

  • Ideal for speaking and listening records and plays back 30 seconds of sound
  • With a removable clear top you can create pictures symbols numbers or letters to match your recording
  • The large size is ideal for children with visual or motor skill impairments
  • Wall mountable
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries not included

  • We use this resource!

    Alphabet Center Pocket Chart - $34.99

    Ready-made alphabet center comes with 208 cards! Teaches alphabet awareness uppercase and lowercase letters and vowels and consonants with 52 color-coded letter cards Reinforces initial letter sounds with 156 illustrated cards Encourages children to sort cards into 26 letter pockets Includes 3 clear display pockets storage pocket and Activity Guide Nylon chart with hanging grommets measures 28"L x 34"H Grades PreK-1

    The awesome thing about Pocket Charts are that they feel like a game and they are fun for kids too!

    Hamburger Sequencing Pocket Chart - $34.99

    What a delicious way to learn the parts of a paragraph the scientific method or any step-by-step process. This unique hamburger-shaped chart is a great mnemonic device to help students remember things in a sequence. It includes 12 preprinted cards and 12 blank write-on/wipe-off cards. Features a vinyl storage pocket on the back and grommets for hanging from our Adjustable Pocket Chart Stand (LER 2196) or mounting on the wall.

    We use this Resource!

    Dino Math Tracks Place-Value Game - $24.99

    Learn math with a prehistoric twist. This award-winning game can be played at various levels. Counting addition subtraction and place value skills are strengthened in the ones tens hundreds and thousands places. For 2-4 players.

    Spill Your Guts Human Body Game - $26.99

    The pressure's on as student surgeons try to assemble all the patient's organs-without spilling its guts! Using the included 100 true/false question cards students answer questions about the human body and its organ systems. When they answer correctly they earn an organ to place in the body tray. When they answer incorrectly they spill the guts-and start over! Collect the most correctly answered question cards to win. Game features 11 plastic organ pieces: heart 2 lungs 2 kidneys diaphragm with trachea pancreas with spleen stomach liver small and large intestines and rib cage. Clear plastic body tray measures approximately 16"L. For 2-4 players or teams.

    I like how the Vowels and Consonants are colour-coordinated with the letters they are using.

    Blends Center Pocket Chart - $34.99

    This heavy-duty chart is sure to keep students' interests as you teach beginning blends. It features three clear pocket rows for card display and 207 coated cards (117 pictures 20 blends 40 consonants 26 vowels and 4 blanks). Made of easy-to-clean nylon. Includes Teaching Guide. Use alone or with Alphabet Center Pocket Chart (LER 2246)

    Happy Learning!