Orton Gillingham Online LA Programs

I found a very good unknown Online Program. It is called Language Tune-Up Kit. It follows along the same path as the Barton System and also covers sight words, spelling etc. This is Orton-Gillingham based. 

Reading Horizons is a great Online Tool as well! They are Orton-Gillingham based and that is wonderful. It is well known and has a great success rate with children who have Dyslexia.
Homeschool Reading Program

Some of my children are using:

 Lexia I find Lexia to be good for 4-6 years of age. It doesn't really focus on auditory as much, but still good if supplementing with the Barton System or tutoring! Also, Lexia is good for your School or Support Teacher, as they will frequently send out reports directly to them. Dynaread is not as faithful with reports or staying communicated with the school etc. It is mainly through the Parent/Parents and so it is up to the parent to report to the School or Teacher. Important information: Dynaread is not Orton-Gillingham based.

Update: Lexia, I believe has an older child version that is for Grade 4 and up. I have not used this one partcularly. But most often a child with severe struggles in reading because of Dyslexia will need to start a little earlier to gain some key components before advancing in the program and may find it a bit toddler-ish if they have to do so.

And Dynaread (This is not Orton-Gillingham Based, but may be helpful to some. My son preferred this for a small time, but went back to Lexia)

Let me know what you use and how you like it, or if this has helps direct you at all!  

Homeschool Reading Program


  1. We used Verticy this past year, which is specifically Dyselxia curriculum through the Calvert School that was created with the help of an actual Dyslexia school (Jemicy School) in Maryland. The Phonics/Spelling is scripted Orton Gillingham. I found it extremely helpful. I haven't officially tested DS yet but he went from reading at a first grade/beginning 2nd grade level to at least a mid-third grade level (perhaps even beginning fourth grade) in less than one school year. This was after zero progress in Special Education in public school for the previous 2 years. My kid who said he would "never learn to read" is now proudly reading aloud a Dan Gutman "Weird School" book. At the beginning he was so scared he would literally sweat profusely while trying to read aloud. Now he is enjoying reading.

    1. Great Comment and I will be sure to add them :D I did not know about Verticy and they look great. It may even look like they have an online school for the same program? I will clarify before I post!
      Thanks a bunch Angela!

  2. Apologies if this posts twice. My comment just disappeared so not sure if it went through. We have been using Verticy which is a Dyslexic Program through the Calvert school. Was created with the help of a brick and mortar Dyslexia school in Maryland - Jemicy School. We have seen huge progress - after zero progress in Special Education for 2 years, we have seen at least a 1.5 year advance since starting in September this year. DS is finally reading aloud without breaking into sweats or declaring that he will "never learn to read." Oh, the program is Orton Gillingham based (at least the Phonics/Spelling portion) and scripted for the parent.