Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Divine Inspiration, a Miracle, and a Book Trailer :D

So I broke through another step...I published a book Trailer! I can't believe I did that either...even with 5 kids and in the middle of a family crisis:

After hearing the incredibly heart wrenching news that my Grandma, in whom I love dearly, was on life support many many Kilometres away; I couldn't help feeling lost. I began wondering around the house aimlessly and being practically useless for my family of seven here. I had a brain wave...the best I had since being in a state of shock...I decided to pray. I called up my Pastor and we asked God for direction. Within a minute we had it...direction that is :D

My Aunt called and offered to pay for a plane ticket there. We remembered there was 2 days that my husband could take off work and my flights were booked! Knowing I had some peace coming, I began looking for something to do that evening to keep me occupied. I wasn't sleeping, so why not try and be productive? I sat at the computer staring blankly and then realized we had just shot footage for my book trailer. Everything was still on the camera and I had to load it up to get space for my trip. This was the perfect time to do it!

As I began working I thanked God for His Divine Inspiration! I didn't realize that at the time though. When we shot the footage we were really trying hard to come up with ideas that would reflect the character perfectly and the right environment etc. As I began to work on it at home I noticed that everything that we shot was already in perfect order. How Great God is! Even the details of the video were in order and easy to prepare. Editing went well and when my computer kept crashing, I kept my cool! God really was in control!
So, with that done and 3 am darkness engulfing me, I finally went to bed.

I was off to my Grandmother's side.

The first day was hard and she was unresponsive. Actually unrecognizable and any other un-word you would like to add in here! The second worse! The third Miraculous!
She responded and looked into my eyes. She was breathing more on her own and her humour was aparant. But more importantly here need of a Saviour even more apparent: Not only to me, but also to her. As I said my goodbye and braced for home. She pulled me in close and in front of my family motioned for prayer. That alone, sent us into wails of tears and I followed. I prayed over her thinking that is what she wanted. My heart still empty though and longing for her to pray with me to accept Jesus. She squeezed my hand and wouldn't let go. I smiled knowing that that was my confirmation. I leaned over with tears of joy and asked my wonderful and amazing Grandmother if she wanted to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. With tubes down her throat and IV's everywhere. She nodded and her eye's watered. I asked her to repeat after me in her heart and she leaned back peacefully; closed her eyes, and was ready! She prayed with me and our hearts were joyous. Not only that... but she kept nodding as if to say, "Yes Melanie, I did it!" What a glorious day to say Goodbye and a beautiful beginning to release a book Trailer on Repentance!

God is Gracious and Merciful...what a way to live life to the fullest!

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