Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LiPS Kit...When Barton's Isn't Working!

A good Teacher said this Program, the LiPS Kit, she liked better than Barton's and in some cases...she's right! 

I LOVE Barton's, but there is a test that your child must pass in order to have her system and it is all based on phonemic awareness: Totally different from just learning phonics. This is crucial. 

Some children may struggle very bad in this area compared to others. Sometimes the Parent also has Dyslexia and needs to take a test as well. I almost didn't pass. I had my husband there to catch me if I failed. I swore she said something she didn't in one section and he caught me. This helps when teaching. You must be able to pick up the individual sounds to help your child learn them as well. If your child takes the test by you and you didn't have someone WITHOUT Dyslexia there to help you on your test you may come into troubles in your lessons later with the Barton's System. 

If you didn't pass or are struggling with the Barton's System, there is the other option, which is, the LiPS Kit. It helps;
"To teach sound–letter associations, the LiPS® tasks progress from articulatory movement to sound, then to letter. Through guided discovery techniques, students explore the physical movements involved in producing sounds and learn to hear, see, and feel the physical characteristics of sounds. This in-depth knowledge leads to the student’s ability to understand how words are constructed and to self-correct—essential skills for independent reading and spelling" 
It Really delves into the concept and understanding of the sounds of letters or words, in order for the child to recognize and hear them. 

So, if you are struggling and can't start with Barton's, you can always start here first. 

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