Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eating Healthy & In Season

I was soooo impressed when I cracked open my Organic Pomegrante. 
It was my first one of the season and it did not fail the wow factor! The juice of the seed was bursting with flavour. So many times we eat pomegranates thinking they are healthy, but they don't have a lot of flavour. I think you can really tell if it is Organic just on the flavour alone. The fruit may not be as big...but they make up for it in taste! Strawberries are the best example of this. The strawberries you buy at a supermarket are so pumped with water it is flavourless.  

I have been getting organic meat, grains, fruits and vegetables in light of some research I have done on GMO's. We have also done our best to try and eat within the season. But we cheat with frozen fruits and veggies. They are organic but not in season :D Honestly, we actually only try to have these apart of our lives and don't beat ourselves up over the fact that we may not be able to do it all of the time. Eating with a large family can become expensive! There are many ways to reduce this though. 
You can join with your local community and start a plot of Organic Gardening. 
There are local farmers that you can buy directly from. This is what we do. 

Search it out and find the best deals online before you do your shopping. Organic shopping is becoming more and more popular and with that, prices are coming down. We do this too!

The reason I posted this is for your health and mine...but more important, schooling! We use every opportunity to teach. We try and incorporate all aspects of our daily living into lessons. This is one of the best Health and Careers learning you can do for your child. Especially in a season saturated with goodies and sugar! Bringing in the importance of staying healthy and eating in season is super important too! 

Happy Holidays and Good Eating :D

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