Tuesday, December 17, 2013

iTunes Christmas...

iTunes has 10,000 Free Christmas songs in an easy-to-access App for your iPad device.
Very nice to have on while the guests are over for the holidays ] :D

We love Apps at our house. We have only a few games, maybe about four. We use Apps that are mainly educational to help with spelling, comprehension, etc. But it is always fun to have a little game for the kids after they have finished homework studies on the iPad. Play it up a little ;D
Check out some of the other things iTunes has going on below....

free iTunes 12 Days of Gifts app, offers a new free gift each day from December 26 through January 6

iTunes Gifts
 iTunes digital gifts for the holidays. Select a visual theme, a dollar amount, add a personal message, and then email the gift instantly−or pick a day for it it to arrive.

Here are a few Fingerprint Apps that we use!

Here are some FREE Apps :D

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