Monday, December 23, 2013

Measuring Snow Fun!

We just did a great Science Experiment.

We took snow and packed it into a jar. Measured the inches of it and then coloured in our graph. After that we guessed what the measurement would be after it melts and coloured in a graph for that. Lastly, we took the actual measurement of the water that was left when it had melted. It was a great Experiment using measurement, science, probability, and analyzation! Plus it was super fun for the kids and you can't beat that :D

Once we were finished, we wrote about what we learned in a short sentence. We looked at how snow is made and what a molecule is, and how it is affected through out the process of water to snow etc.

So we got to cover Math and Science and see how those two are related and work together to form an experiment. Great Fun!

All these sheets were found on Home School Helper, which is free resources. You can find the link on the right side bar. Also, if you sign up for Post subscription you can have my free activity resource pack, which is called "Winter Wonderland" and cover's many different subjects including Math, Vocabulary and Health. Check out my FREE Booklets Page for that :D

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