Monday, January 13, 2014

Mom of Many, "What do you do about Toddlers?"

Ha, like I am a Pro at this LOL!!!

But, I am always willing to learn alongside of everyone else, from someone way more organized and talented then me...I have no shame in saying that! The Bible says, " teach the younger." I am the most uneducated person in the area of entertaining toddlers during school hours, even though I have 2 of them. I find myself letting them let lose on the house and destroying it while desperately trying to finish up work with the other three. Sometimes I find it is a zoo in here and I am too pooped to clean up after the wild day!

Then, I found an amazing Mom who is way more talented and organized then me! They always help us if we are willing to admit our short comings, which I am completely!

1+1+1=1 has an incredible wealth of information for what to do with Toddlers and that includes Free Printables :D which I love!

She has an amazing Storage System and you should check out her School Room :D I have a lot more to do in the organizational department, that is for sure! But, with organization comes better structure, with better structure comes better learning, with better learning comes a better student and with a better student comes an accomplishment child and a happy Mommy :)

Tell me who you look up to for help with your short comings. What is your secret to success when it comes to Toddlers?

Do you know of anywhere that have good ideas when it comes to Toddler's too? 

Please share them and your thoughts, be apart of the conversation, I would love to hear from you.

Happy Learning!

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