Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scientifically Speaking

I recently just read a post by Abundant Life about what she uses in her family for Science. I figured it was about time I did the same. It was very neat to see and encouraging to note what worked for her family of Dyslexic learner's. Interestly, some of what she uses for her family, I also use or have used in the past and love!

So, some of you have seen my Review Page and the games we use for Science. There is also a Life Science game we have and a Body Game called, "Somebody". These are all great tools to have that really help to keep the learning material solidified, but what do we actually use for Science as a Curriculum?

Well, we use a combination of things and have tried a various of neat experiences. Lately we have stuck mainly to The Apologia, Exploring Science with Astronomy and Botany. Although I have noticed that the terminology and work is very University/College level. So I do tweak it a bit and do not require more out of my Children than I know they can handle.

We love to go on Nature Walks and Journal about them with My Nature Journal and a note book for taking down our drawings.

We do neat experiments through InquisiKids Discover and Do. We have all the Levels and do experiments as we feel necessary.

We also use Usbournes Science Activities Book. This is great for visuals and step-bystep on "How To" etc.

We have boughten Butterfly's and watched them grow, then have babies! Then we watched them grow! It turned into a Business Awareness Project where we sold the cocoons to other Homeschooling families because we had so many. It was quiet the opportunity :D

Hand's on learning is awesome for our learners and I hope some of our Homeschooling Resources will encourage you to get your hands dirty and dive in to the world of Science!

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