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What to do about Writing | Grammar | Copywork

Dysgraphia can be such a challenge for Dyslexic students. I know my son couldn't care less about sitting to write. It is such a tiresome thing for him that he so badly would love to avoid it like the plague! There are things like pencil grippy's that could help and all sorts of different shaped pencil, I am sure...but he simply despises writing even if I bought him every little gadget I could find! But he needs to do it and he needs to learn Language Arts. So How can we accomplish this task?


Find something that works!

I am always looking and seeking for what will work. I will be doing reviews all next week of what is and isn't working in the realm of Language Arts for everyone. You can look for them on my Reviews tab at the top of the page.

It is so important to not have such a daunting task of writing be ruined by dry facts that your child deems, unimportant to do unless necessary, to avoid the struggle. Because, it is a major struggle for them and requires them to work way harder in writing then the average person. I have compiled some good resources below that many use and know works! The lessons are not too big and tiresome for our Dyslexic learners and are great for visual and auditorial learning. Check them out below!


Complete Writer Writing With Ease by Susan Wise Bauer is an awesome Charlotte Mason Style approach to writing, which I love. It gives a great lesson plan that is not too overwhelming for the Dyslexic learner. She uses Stories to capture the young reader's heart and then uses it as inspiration to write. She uses many Classical stories and Fables within the lessons; A very good program for reluctant writers.

You can also find her incredible book called The Well Trained Mind, a recommended good read.


Then there is Daily Grams. You can find them from about Grade 3 and up. I like these for Grammar because it is: short and sweet, to the point, not too much work, keeps Grammar a main focus each and everyday! They are not that expensive either.

~Just to note: You will still need to do things like: web work, main topic, beginning/middle/end of a story, etc for a full LA.



If you are looking for strictly, Charlotte Mason-styled workbooks. Then Queens Homeschooling is your best bet. There may be others too, so look around to find something that suits your families needs. This is very similar to Writing With Ease, but has very wonderfully detailed art work to accompany it! Awesome for Dyslexic learners! I also really appreciate her approach to scripture and weaving moral values throughout the learning process :D Which is many of the reasons I love to Homeschool!

These are some of the copywork lessons you would find:

They also carry many other lessons which include Bible and Thematic lessons etc. Find a Sample of this lesson below. Here are the Language Lessons:


They have a wonderful Cursive Writing Study which includes many wonderful Pictures to glean from. This is neatly done to have the writer study art appreciation and write about it too! Look at a sample below.

I use Handwriting Without Tears for our son in Cursive. But what I found is that the lessons are a bit too much for him. I would usually draw a line to separate the page up and get him to do that...but then we are way behind in his development because of that?? I think this way (Pictures in Cursive) would be a better approach. 

Let me know what you think, what works for you and give your thoughts or suggestions for other Moms out there too :D

Happy Learning!

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