Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Fun!!

Outdoor Play

from: JM Cremp's Adventure Store for Boys

Paso Boys Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Vest and Chap Set 

Will James' Book of Cowboy Stories - $29.50
Will James’ Book of Cowboy Stories is a gathering of some of the most entertaining illustrated stories of cowboy life from the Will James Collection. This long-awaited reprinting of the last Will James book will satisfy readers’ nostalgic longing for the freedom, adventure, and danger of life on the wide-open range. So sit back on your spurs, pour yourself a cup of thick, black camp coffee, and let Will James transport you to bygone days of cowpunching, cattle rustling, bronc busting, and drifting in the American West. Includes 53 black-and-white drawings.

Military Surplus Tents - $24.00

from: JM Cremp's Adventure Store for Boys

Deluxe Military Belt Kit

from: JM Cremp's Adventure Store for Boys
Military Falcon Jet (150 Piece)

from: JM Cremp's Adventure Store for Boys
Hand Made Boys Leather Journal - $46.50
Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and, of course, you. You're all great thinkers and grand adventurers, and each of us benefit from the thoughts, ideas and journeys you describe in your journals. For me, I gave each of my boys one of these leather-bound books when they turned twelve, and the pages just keep filling.

Shakespeare Complete Fishing Kit - $19.99

Spy Science Secret Message Kit 

from: JM Cremp's Adventure Store for Boys

15% off Primary Science

Books for Kids: Golden Books

Books for Kids: Dr. Seuss

Books for Kids: Magic Tree House

You GOTTA have some learning ;D

Learning Resources®Giant Magnetic Base Ten Set - $21.99

from: Learning Resources
Learning Resources®Spill Your Guts Human Body Game - $26.99

from: Learning Resources
Learning Resources®Pupil Clock Dials Set of 10

Learning Resources®Shapes Sand Molds - $8.99

from: Learning Resources

Learning Resources®Numbers & Operations Molds

from: Learning Resources

  Learning Resources Deal of the Week! Smart Snacks Toys only $14.99 - Save 25%

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