Monday, June 23, 2014

Reading Reflex and Reflex Math

Hope everyone is having an awesome time for their summer and to all of those that are still plugging away for school, good on you! We have basically given up for the year so far (I will reflect on this in a later-post).

But I wanted to share what we have been doing as far as math additions and it has been going great!
We started ReflexMath. It focuses on math addition/subtraction up to 12 and multiplication/division up to 12. My one son has really taken off on it and doing super well! My other son should be at multiplications and hit a wall. We have him started on addition and subtraction now and he is doing great again!

Find Reflex math HERE

In conversations on a Yahoo Group I am apart of there was mention of Reading Reflex. I had never heard of it and did some research on it.

It is on Sale now, so great price for Canadians! But, it looks awesome...many pyscho-education consultants do recommend learning its practices and reading this book. It is on my books-to-read List and can't wait to get my hands on it!

Happy Learning!

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