Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Learning with The Barton System

Susan Barton is an incredible women who has truly hit the mark. 
I sincerely feel the care of what she is doing throughout here videos 
& the scientific research that was put into this System. 

What I like most about this System, is that it is simple and there are no letters on the blocks. Why this is important, I never realized, until we came to our first hiccup doing a lesson.  My son was getting frustrated with the simplicity of the lesson. For example I would say a non-sense short word. (VC-Vowel Consonant), he would repeat back each sound in that word, say it together following our signs and then tap each sound on two different coloured tiles to represent the two different sounds. He thought this was pretty silly because he knew what it said and could tell there was two different letters in it. So he would slur the sounds together while tapping the blocks and then try to push the lesson along.

In my heart, I felt that it was a bit too simple as well. However, I sat there and thought to myself, what was really happening?! He quickly blended the words together and didn't realize that the sounds were separate, even though he could distinguish the letters to be separate. I asked him to do it again, and with some nagging he agreed. That is where I noticed this to be true. I told him to purpose himself  to slow down. This made him concentrate on the individual sounds even more and he was even shocked that it was hard to break apart those isolated sounds just using his ears. This became even more apparent when we went into the harder activities. We are at Lesson 2 now for Level 1 Phonemic Awareness.

Just recently Our Dyslexic boy read me a whole small book. Then another one and this morning he was actually excited to get a book and read. What he wants for Christmas...a bible with large letters that he can read on his own. What an incredible break through for this family!

Larger letters is much easier to read, even for me (I also have Dyslexia). In a future post I will give my thoughts on Irlene Syndrome too. But for now, this is working incredibly for our family.

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