Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Day in the life of: Beginning Bible Time & Calendar Time

 We try and start our day together with the Bible...right now we are in the book of Ruth using the Elgermeirier's Bible Story Book. We follow along the stories and discuss each story afterwards.

After Bible reading time, we try and memorize our scripture verse for the week...if we have struggled with the verse, I will  bring it up again. Then we rotate and add another scripture verse. Sometimes I will gear a scripture verse based on a Character that my children might need help on. This one is geared towards encouraging ourselves in the Lord...I will often link this to another story in the Bible. eg. David who also encouraged himself in the LOrd! These are the most important parts of our day.

Home schooling has given me the opportunity, to instil the Word of God in my children's hearts. I may fail them in areas...but God will not. Also, I want them to build relationships with God and learn all they can about Him. I want them to know how to pray and discipline themselves in reading God's Word. I want to build in them, Godly character through the best resource which is His Holy Word! Homeschooling gives me the blessings to do so. This is invaluable to me.

Sometimes I find it difficult to nurture these aspects, especially now that I have changed the structure of our days. Before we would all sit down for school and start with Bible reading and memory verse. Then all do math, then all do whatever the other subjects were. But what I found was, if one had an attitude towards school (at this time it was our oldest who we made to read and write up to the standard of everyone else and kicked and screamed through it we scribe and read for him 100% of the time, now it is down to 80%) this would cause a break in the attention of the others or a similar battle with the others. Plus, they are all in different grades, with different outcomes! Then, if I forgot something they all were sitting waiting and I lost their attention.

Now, I have separated them...this I find to be harder in meeting PLO's, especially if one of them is having a bad day. Because they are rotated, if I am taking too much time with one, the other lacks that time with me. I am working on a better system eventually, but for now we make due. Also, here in Canada, PLO's are serious business!! We really feel the pressure to meet every one. Unless you are unschooled or just Registered, or are enrolled in a school that is more lenient, PLO's is required to be met and your over-seeing Teacher is there to encourage, remind, help and assist you in achieving them. In many ways this can be good in helping you set goals and know they are meeting their grade level acheivements. However, many times it can be discouraging if you are learning very valuable lessons that are not intended for their year. For example, last year and this year, my son is following the war of 1812. He could describe, act and be informative on the details of this war. Now he builds T.P's in the back yard using real wood. He analyses what works best and applies it. He looks at the material and noticed what is better or worse for the environment to make a better shelter. I can think of so many outcomes for this...but if it's not in the PLO's of their grade level ( although it is good learning) it most likely wont be applied to their outcomes and the traction is lost for meeting those required expectations. Now that I have vented a little LOL...we can continue...

For the little ones I will Begin our day with the Calendar

This is an awesome, awesome resource! The only complaint is that it doesn't have a lot of Canadian cards...but they have blank ones that we use for them...they are just not as pretty :D
This is great for weather, number counting, days of the week, months of the year and lots more. On the reverse I have an Alphabet Chart which I use a lot too. It is nice to have the letters there when they need them. For our Dyslexic learner, it is a very good visual for numbers and letters when writing and he gets lost. It is also nice to have the date always present for our journals or whatever writing we have.

So that is the wrap up of what we use for our Bible and Calendar time...stay tuned for more resource reviews and ideas for your Homeschooling!

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