Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday for Home Schoolers!

Theo is an awesome Bible animation that our family absolutely LOVES! They are so clear and gives very good visual descriptions of the foundations of Biblical Principles. They really bring it to the children's level. Of course, their animation is superior as well. Here they have listed one of their items for sale for Black Friday Specials and you can also download one episode for free. Here's the link

RosettaStone is have a 40% sale now. Link is at

You can find CurrClick's link here  

You can find Compass Classroom's Link here

Here is a link for The Deep Blue Bible for Kids...

Please see the side bar for the best deal! I checked their website and it didn't give many option for deals right on Deep Blue Kids Bible, but at Amazon they have deals! So I created a quick link for you to access the best deals for this bible. 

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