Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dirty Pots and Baseball: When it is hard to find Joy...

I have been reading in Ezekiel lately about the story of the crusty old pot that God said He would burn because it was so badly crusted with scum that it would not be able to get clean. It was really funny ( I love God's sense of humour sometimes) because at that time I was actually making a soup. Most of the family wasn't going to be home until later and so I thought I would let it simmer for all the flavours to really combine. I took a break from reading that paragraph to check on the soup and reflect on what I read. As I approached my pot, I thought maybe I would have a quick bowl before they came home because the hot buns just came out of the oven and they would still be another hour or more. So, I turned the heat up to a boil. I like my soup hot! As I am standing there reflecting on God's word and how it could apply to my life I watched the pot start to roll. I noticed that there was no scum on the surface, but now that the roll began to happen and the heat was stronger, the scum immediately began to appear and so I grabbed my ladle.

You know, even though the two incidences were happening at the same time...I did not fully register the thought was linked to my actions until the second time I checked on the pot and realized that there was a lot of scum I had to remove! Then it dawned on me....

The heat was the force that made the scum or impurities leach out. While my pot was simmering, there was no impurities getting out. But, once a hotter heat was applied, it was finally able to release.

I thought about this in my life. How often God needs to turn up the heat to refine me and my heart. Especially when it comes to Homeschooling. Well, actually, every area of my life.  So often I am complaining about this or that. Yet, God is saying He wants to refine me. This is a humbling experience at its best I think. Which, in turn, turns our hearts back towards Him!

Homeschooling is probably the most challenging thing among others that I have had to face. Then to add Dyslexia on top, that is a whole new ball game! Many times I feel like I am in the dugout. I don't know which base I am on, whether or not I should be in the outfield or batting? Sometimes I can't even find the ball. Then, after all that, I can get angry with the Team if we come up short, or if the player strikes out! Many times this is the son with Dyslexia. After three times explaining ( and many many more) he can easily strike out. I think, if I can run to the Home Base, which is my Lord and Saviour, and cry out to Him in those times of struggle, I would be 'SAFE'!

So when the heat is on and the boil of PLO's, reports, expectations, paper work, writing assignments, getting to things on time, start to add on pressure; allow God to purify your heart and use it as a time for Joy! That God cares about your purity towards Him and the children He has given you. Allow it to guide you to your knees and reflect on His Righteousness alone, His perfect timing, His love and Grace which is sufficient for you. Let the Peace of God fill you and not the troubles of the world. Lay your heart out before for him and then go back and give the Team a high are doing not too bad after all. You can get'em next time! Buy your players some ice cream and tell them you love them for their dignity is in Christ and not the worlds standards. You are a great Team with God's help!

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