Sunday, November 24, 2013

Am I willing to be Thankful?

Riddled throughout the bible there are many different subjects; One of which, is Thankfulness. I can't help but look around and wonder if I have been truly Thankful for all that He has given me. It is funny, in a sad way, that I can look back when I first came to know Christ and clearly see how thankful I was. I remember in my prayers, always trying to show, or say how thankful I was that He would delight Himself in me. So much so, that He laid down His life for mine. All this He did, even when I had rejected Him in times past: How thankful I was.

Fast Forward:
I am facing my, 'Mountain of Sorrows' again! (code word for; clean laundry pile on the floor in our bedroom waiting to be dealt with...the one the kids have trampled on and yes, I rearranged back into a mountain for the 3rd time today) Kids attitudes have gotten the best of me and I broke down today and resorted to raising my voice and speaking harshly to try and be heard in the midst of other children still trying to interrupt and a screaming toddler. Traffic was jammed and made me late, rushing to get things ready for us to leave again. On the way out the door we can't find any clean or matched socks again! The youngest is fighting to not go in his car seat, while the others are not even buckled up yet and we need to leave right now. One of our children was asked to wash their face and used their shirt as the napkin like always. Haven't had a chance to really talk with my husband or God for that matter yet today. And on...and on...and on it can go....

Let's face it: Life is hard. It is not easy. Throw in more adults and children who need you constantly, work, friends, school; This life is real and has a real list of chalk-full challenges. But, did Jesus just leave us and say, "Hey! I will save your life to give you more troubles and leave you to your sorrows?" Let me answer that one for you....NO ;)

He promises to be there to help. Sometimes, I think we are too busy to realize all the things that actually are good in our lives and we (I mean, I) tend to focus on the negative.

I got to cuddle with my little girl before she went to bed and she had fallen asleep in my arms. My husband came home and let me go out and talk to real adults and not children for a few hours. God spoke to my heart in the van alone and I got to sing praises to him.  I had a heart-to-heart conversation with one of my boys and we grew closer to each other and to God. My littlest man amazed me with how much he has grown and what a sweet little man he is becoming. Family called just to see how I was doing and told me how much praying for them really helped. My Dyslexic child read a whole book to me....his first ever doing this all on his own. My heart swelled with Joy. My husband quickly grabbed me for a hug and we shared a moment together un-interupted. He made breakfast! What's not to be thankful about that! We had dinner on time and I was able to tidy up before we left to go to church and minister to God's people. And on....and on.... and on this one could go too.

I guess, in a nut shell; It is really, what my hang-up is or what I want my focus to be? There is a reason why God reminds us in His word, "to be thankful always, in all things..." or, "whatever things are good...think on these things." It involves our will.

When I was young my life was so full of Joy, it was easy to praise God. Now that my life is super-full and the Joy can easily get squeezed out, my will needs to step in and give room to still be thankful and let that Joy in.

God is still God and has changed me. This fact has never changed. I still get to make Heaven my home and that is all that should matter. Then why doesn't it sometimes? This is what I return to time and time again: I need to encourage myself in the Lord like David and say, "I am free from the bondages of sin and get to spend eternity with the one who saved me! What more could I ask for?" Then on top of that He has blessed me with children when some could not have them. He has given me food and clothing when some has had none. When I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and I am getting the stare-down from those mountains...this is what I rely on. For my Joy to be renewed; His Love and the Salvation He gives. Being Thankful is only a 'will' away!

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