Monday, November 25, 2013

Traveling the Globe with Little Passports!

So, I just stumbled across this very cool and fun looking Adventure! 

I personally LOVE to get things in the mail. I know, I know, snail mail....but there is something about getting a physical item that you can hold and touch or read in the mail! It does help that my husband is a Mail Man though ;)

I haven't tried this out, but it is certainly making it on my curriculum list for next year. Once you Subscribe to Little Passports you get the Starter Kit which includes your large world map, passport and little luggage cute!. Following that, you get a monthly Country, which includes stickers, a letter, and some crafts for that particular Country etc. 

Thankfully, they Ship to Canada, but if you are outside of Canada and the U.S. I don't think they do. Also, they do have a States Adventure too, that focus' on traveling through each State. I think they should get a Canada one too :D
What a fun and exciting way to learn about the different Countries and the thrill of not knowing which one is coming next! 

If anyone has tried Little Passports and would like to share their experience please let me know, I would love to hear about it. When I start it, I will keep you updated with our experience as well. 
Until then, happy learning!

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