Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Reflections.....

Today is officially BOXING DAY here in Canada. It is a great time to get deals Similar to a Black Friday. Most families have given and opened their gifts. In light of all of that, I can't help but look back on our last few days and wonder in amazement how peculiar we sometimes can be with one another. It had me thinking....

We give gifts out of love and most often we try and get the recipient what he/she would like. However, this does not always go as planned! How many times can we here those words, "aww, you shouldn't have" or "um, thanks" and you can hear in every inch of; the facial expression, body movement, tone of voice, exuding the obvious distasteful composer that they really don't like it. But they are nice...or in some families, not! Ahem, moving on ;) We tend to be courteous but really we are thinking of any means in getting rid of that gift.

It got me musing about Jesus and His role in all of our quirky ways. Then, it dawned on me. Christmas is not about giving at all actually....It is all about RECEIVING!!

Why you ask?


Jesus came so we would accept and receive Him by Grace through Faith. We give gifts to honour the greatest gift of all, Jesus. Some people don't like the colour of that, it is not really their style, and others just don't feel comfortable with that kind of gift. Some people, when given the Gospel, will be courteous, but are completely thinking of other motives or ways of rejecting the precious gift given to them to receive.

It is one of the biggest heart wrenching scenes to see, when a child is ungrateful, or unthankful for a gift that is given to them, especially one that is given out of great love and work.

So as we are settling in from all the hustle and bustle, remember when Aunty Bertha gives you that same awful scarf for Christmas, to receive it with Joy and you may surprise her and it will make her night :D

Merry Christmas

(by the way, thank goodness I have spell check tonight!!)

If you have any great stories of an awful gift that you accepted and was thankful for, please don't hesitate to share...or just your thoughts too are great!!!

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