Friday, December 27, 2013

Reading Time

I wanted to share this Video with everyone. I have noticed on some sites that my son isn't the only one starting to actually read at the age of 8 or later.

This is to encourage you and help you. This was taken when he first started to pick up reading and like it! I mention throughout some of it, his obvious struggles that will get better over time, but never go away completely because of Dyslexia....I still struggle with some today. They are just little hurdles we have to jump over or go around with handy little tools, like spell-check :D

I am incredibly proud of how my son has progressed and want to encourage you Mom's out there, to hang in may be a little bumpy at times...but they are trying and they are learning to read one book at a time!

Some tips to help with reading:

  • Keep it at the level they can do. 
  • Not too many big, non-used words that they may be unaware of. 
  • Get a book in their level that is a topic they want to learn about
  • Get books that are not typical school books, they may cover topics that are not so educational for our children, but the key READING! Getting them to enjoy it, so they can use it to learn!

Happy Learning and Keep at it...You are doing an Awesome Job!!

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