Sunday, December 1, 2013

What do we do about Labelling?

Hi guys...I really wanted to share a concern someone had mentioned to me regarding the issue of "Labelling". If my understanding was correct, basically this individual was concerned that the idea of labelling a child with the word "Dyslexic" or "Dyslexia," is a bad thing and was better suited to be replaced with the word "learning style". This would be less offensive in this individual's opinion. This was my response:

Thanks for your comment and don't worry I wasn't offended ;)

But I did want to give you a response though...

I think too often some people can associate Dyslexia as a "Label" and link it to a negative thing. We are not talking about a behavioural label. I don't see Dyslexia at all as a negative, but a BIG positive and this is why...Dyslexics are born Dyslexics. It is not a learning style eitherit is who they are! Genes have been linked to Dyslexia and they have done many researches about this to back it up. Also, I don't look at Labelling as a negative in itself either. We label everything in life; You may Homeschool, then you are a Homeschooler. Within the Homeschooling spectrum, you have Unschooled, Registered, Enrolled etc. But they are all labeled and under a Homeschool banner. Is that a bad thing...well for some it can be! THey can associate it with a big negative at times. It is not for us however, it is the best thing ever for us! Some are born with incredible talents/gifts and often times we "label" them as gifted or special, when in reality, they were born that way and that is the benefit of this fact. Many Dyslexics are incredibly talented in art, design, graphics, mechanics and the list goes on. Research Dyslexic famous people and you will soon realize these are often those talented, gifted and special people.

Without this "labelling," our family was unsuccessful in schooling!
I am so happy for you that you were successful in this regard, but we weren't and we NEED the resources linked to the "label" Dyslexic. Without this label someone searching the web might not be able to specifically categorize and find their need. I know I didn't. The Blog is intended to help those people, like our family, who was desperate for help and help them, or let them know that we are there with them as they overcome some of the "challenges" that being Dyslexic, we can face. 

Dyslexia is such a fact, that NASA actually goes out of their way to hire Dyslexics! 50% of their employees are Dyslexic...if they did not have that label they would not have that chance at NASA and that success for their lives. I can't help but think of all the positives because of the "label"...there are many more. 

THank you so much for your comments and I hope I brought in the main focus or reason for my Blog. I am fully aware that not everyone will agree with my thoughts and that is okay. It is not for everyone. It is not there to offend anyone either with  the "label," but to shed light that it is an actual BLESSING so we can focus on our strengths and not the negative stuff. I know it has helped our family :D 

Many blessings to you,

I loved her honesty though and I could feel she was deeply concerned with this thought of "labelling," so I felt I really needed to share this here for anyone else that might have thought the same way or maybe you have been told this by someone...maybe even your Support Teacher! 

For two years and many, many nights of tears of agony, of frustrations to bear, we faced those same criticisms. The Support Teacher would try to encourage me and if I even faintly brought up the glimpse of Dyslexia...she too would say those words, "Well, you don't want to be labelling anyone". I had no idea what she meant, but thought she knew what was best? Didn't she? 
Another year went by and still we were suffering horribly and now my son had such a hardness towards learning; He thought he was dumb. He couldn't get Language. I didn't know what to do...yet she continued to 'pat ny back' and say it is "ok, that maybe we need more writing and reading? Whatever you do, be sure not to label him!...

This did us no justice. Finally after almost 3 years of being with that teacher (who is a very awesome teacher and my heart broke to let her go) I said goodbye and asked for another teacher. The Lord blessed me and gave me such a great new Support Teacher. She listened...and then acted! Nothing was more valuable to me than that. We are on our ways to success because she helped me in "labelling" my child as a Dyslexic. Lights began to flash and baddabingbaddabam...we started to progress! My son just came up to me with a love of learning and no frustrations in his eyes, to read me his first book. He is in Grade 3. This is serious accomplishments for our family! Without proper help...we were really heading down the wrong road to a disaster. 

Let me know if you need any more information to help you if you have struggled with the word "labelling" too. Some say it is a bad thing to do...but if it is the thing that is stopping your child from learning all good could that really be? Is the cost of two years of school really that beneficial..all in the name of offence? 

(I am leaving tis part untouched by my best friend spell check just to let you know how I actually write a passage**added this in after I wrote it, thought it would bring out the rawness and the reality of what I am trying to say) I am certainly not offendedby the idea of myslef or my son being names Dyslexic. I know that we were created this way and fully understand there will be challenges to face...but what area in life doesn't have it challenges that you can't overcome?  I know we are way more talented and gifted in other area s and so this dosn't matter to me! I can articulate my thoughts and process my feeling through communications just like anyone else..but may need a little assistence once in a while. That is what being labelled Dyslexic can do....Offer Asstance to someone who may need it!

Share your thoughts too :D


  1. We are looking at home schooling as an option. I have a 3rd grader with ADHD and a recent diagnosis of dyslexia. We are in Southern Cal. - Do you have any suggestions of programs?

    1. Thank you for commenting and asking a great question! I will email you :D