Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kicking the Winter Blues...Goodbye!

"Baby, it's cold outside".....You may be singing...but the kids are whining and crying, or fighting because everybody is getting cabin fever and it is not even January yet!

The best thing to cure the Winter Blues is some Creativity and the Fresh Outdoors.

I like how this blogger says it :)

Ahh, yes, I know, sitting by the fake fire with a cup of tea and the faint screaming in the background from a sibling fight is a lot better than fighting with the kids to: keep their jackets zipped all the way up, their toques to stay on, socks to stay on the feet while going outside, no fighting as you step foot into the cold frigid weather that you so badly didn't want to face, but, to be honest, it is so much healthier to get the fresh air. Plus, the kids will hit the sack sooner. They will be all tuckered out and when they do go to bed early, you will actually enjoy that cup of silence :D So after you have gotten to know nature at its best, make the kids some hot cocoa, send them off to bed with warm tummies, lots of love and enjoy the peace of winter.

YOu can do so many things...
  • Build an ice rink in your back yard. Here is the instructions.
  • Build a snow fort and have nice snow ball fights
  • Go snow tubing/sledding (or just on black garbage bags) down a hill
  • Try snowshoeing
  • Go to your local U-Chop Christmas Tree place. Often times, they will have hay rides and hot chocolate for the kids
  • Go Carolling 
  • Play street will almost be like real hockey if it is icy out.
  • Play Freeze Tag, heheeehheee
  • Try to build an Igloo and pretend to be living in the Arctic with Polar Bears
  • Play Ice Ball (similar to paint ball) with a large squirt gun filled with water and food coloring. The water will change the snow into the different colours to give the effect of a paint ball shot. 
  • just get out there and have some fun! oh, and do a snow angel for me :D

Here is a fun idea for a winter craft from redtedart to make your own ice ornaments for the trees outside!

Here is a list of 10 Indoor Winter Activities to do, she also has many other great ideas.
Try something different!

Don't just stick with the normal routine.

Gingerbread Cookies on the Food Network

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