Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We need a Schedule!

I posted a while back that we are doing a Rotational System for teaching the kids. But to be honest, it hasn't really been working out. I am sure you all could feel the hesitation of that system in my earlier post. I was talking with my Support Teachers and they suggested a new system.

Well, we put it to the test.

It works!

For many different reasons, but the one main thing, we need a Schedule!

Before I was pretty casual. I hate time and working within it {mainly due to Dyslexia}. It really can get my feather all in a tangle sometimes, but I need it. I really work best in it too. And when it comes to school, it just doesn't work for us without a set schedule and a good routine. Everyone seems a lot happier! So that makes me happy.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect and the kids are restless if I am not ready for every change that is occuring. The littlest ones still try to get involved and interrupt the process. Some kids are not in the mood to cooperate, etc. Today we started late...but it still worked because of the Schedule. Before, our whole day would be thrown way off because of that, and that was no fun.

Also before, if one child took a lot longer, some of the others would get little to no school at all that day. This is mostly due to the fact that all my children are still very dependent on me for the reading and writing components of they're schooling. As they become more independent, this will ease up my constant time, so I can be free in the planning or organization of our Homeschooling day.

Here is our Schedule:

As you can see, I alternate what each child is doing, so they can have more one-on-one while the other child is doing a task that I know they can do independently. It really helps me get more done during the day and they can see what's ahead. Our oldest son who is in Grade 3 (he is Dyslexic) kept looking at the schedule in excitement to see what he had coming next. This really helped him in the focus of doing the work before him. This was one of our major struggles before; He really gets side-tracked, this keeps him motivated. 

Also, when it is up...I am accountable and bound by it too. And be sure, my kids will keep me to it lol!

On the bottom I have other subjects we will cover over the week and switch out the ones we have already done. We try to do Barton's twice a week. Plus we have a Community Class and a Gym time we will start in January...so these will change slightly throughout the week, but the structure will not. This gives for a lot of flexibility for our family. 

Let me know what you use and how it has helped your family. Please feel free to adapt this schedule to meet your families needs too!

Happy Learning :D

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