Friday, January 17, 2014

Canadian Online Resource

Hey Everyone,

I am always looking for something to refer to as a Canadian to educate my children. I love all the resources that the U.S. does supply, however, I would really like to keep school work and learning focused on our Country too! Because of that, I am always looking for Canadian inspired resources to share and use. I found one that many of Dyslexic learner's should enjoy because of the visuals that are provided and all of the interactions with neat little extras they have to offer as well. As always I like to get good freebies and these are free to enjoy! Here is the Link :D

Another one is not free, but I found very interesting and useful for some Home learners..

This is through Scholastic's Canada it is an interactive Science units that are focused on our Provinces outcomes. Thought I would pass this info along and hope it helps some of you families out there :D

Happy Learning!

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