Sunday, January 19, 2014

Socially Speaking

Hi Everyone, I had a few moment to sit down to write...hhhaawwaa! It feels nice to sit :D

A few days ago I posted on Science, tonight I will post on Social Studies.
I really love using a Map

and a Globe.

As a child I always would look over at the Globe and wonder why anyone wasn't using it or how I could begin to understand what all those places were about. I would imagine all of the places I would go to and dream far off dreams. But, be quickly snapped into reality with my Teacher staring down at me tapping her pen on my desk with a face that read, "Miss Melanie, why are you not doing your Socials?!" Only to be left colouring in some odd places I still had no idea about. All dry facts with no real adventure!

Then I got to be the Teacher and vowed I would never do that to my children. I would encourage them to dream and take adventures with their imaginations...I would inspire that imagination through great Stories, Pictures, Videos and Hands-On-Learning. I don't want just dry facts to teach, I wanted that adventure for my how to get it lol!

First off, I got a Globe and used it :D

Then I got a bunch of resources I could incorporate lessons with. If our Map Workbook was on Ontario and Newfoundland (which ours currently was) I use all my resources to tap into and offer a wide variety of follow-up study with each one!

In this study, I knew Quebec was next so I used the Canadian Pioneers stories and did a project with it for my Dyslexic Son that did not require much writing. He is 8 years old.

We do the Continents of the World by Learning Resources for the Hands-on right now (see Resource Review Page for the link to that), but can't wait to use Little Passports!

For the books I use, see below :D

Happy Learning!

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