Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olympics and Dyslexics...A match made in Heaven!

In our house not much but Olympics is going on...and it is an awesome tool to incorporate a lot of learning...

Science, with force and motion, body and design, levers and you can add in more.

There is Social Studies with all of the Countries represented.

There is Health and Careers with goal setting, personal bests and World achievements.

There is P.E. I know we had some killer races that all my kids participated in to see if they could beat the clock or their own bests!

You can write reports, learn some new vocabulary words etc.

Lots of learning happens in the Olympics and it doesn't surprise me that a lot of Olympics are Dyslexic!!

Meryl Davis

Read this link below on Meryl Davis.
How one classroom changed by the encouragement of Meryl Davis

Steve Redgrave

“I did the same subjects as everyone else but found it hard to keep up, and always knew I wasn’t going to pass my 11-plus.”
He had special lessons with the headmistress, and spent a lot of extra time working on his reading. Still now, despite all the extra work, he still sees letters upside-down or backwards. He relied on his natural intelligence to get him through school.
“With dyslexia, your other senses become sharper. My memory was great at school but it has become appalling these days!”
Redgrave has won a whopping 17 gold medals, 2 silver, and 2 bronze at the Olympics games and Rowing World Championships as well as the Commonwealth games. 
He defines hard work and perseverance. He is a true, bonafide inspiration to aspiring athletes and dyslexics everywhere.

And here are a few more ;)

Michael Phelps

Duncan Goodhew

Be Inspired and Reach for your Goals...Embrace your Talents and Accomplish your Best!!!

Happy Learning!

And we hope Canada wins for Hockey :D

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