Saturday, February 22, 2014

School Days! A look at our last few weeks

Of Course we would not be Canadian if we didn't follow the Olympics :D

I had to give a detailed text-by text play of the US and Canada Hockey game for my dear thumbs were very tired afterwards!
But what a game that was...everyone played so good :) Congrats to USA

So, here is a snap shot of what we have been doing these last couple weeks:

Oldest wants to learn how to cook

He is only eight

 We went over stove safety, etc.

He was pretty proud of himself in the end. He did a great job and got a good breakfast out of it! A Two-for-One deal!


Lego building = following directions
Good for Health and Careers

The Master Craftsman :D

The next is a series of Art that we have done as a family!

This is mine and I call it,
 "Bitter Sweet"

Kindergartens (4Cats Art Studio)

Grade 1's (4Cats Art Studio)

  Grade 3's (4Cats Art Studio)

Grade 3's pen art

Hockey inspiration...even when there is no snow!

 Made "Homemade" laundry Soap....
A good tie into the Pioneer Days Study :)
Even my PreK helped us out with this one!

Attempted a Nature walk, but didn't get it in. Got to see chickens and feed them instead!
That was ok because Nature was in our backyard.

This beautiful bird, which is new to our area, was a true beauty to behold :D

Happy Learning and Thanks for coming along with us each week on our little Discoveries!

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