Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is Love?

What is love?

I have recently had a learning experience from my children and had to put it into practice as hard as that is at times.

I believe love is an action. Another word for it is Charity, which literally means love-in-action.

Love is harder to give when there has been a wrong attached to it. It taints it, wounds it, mar's it and leave scars on it. Yet, God still asks us to love and forgive. This can be so hard at times.

Lets look at our kids for a few seconds. How often can we wound their love? Yet, they still look up to us and forgive us. How innocent! This is what I believe love really means. They can shake it off, hold no grudges and cling to us with their tiny arms for a big bear hug! How wonderful and pure that picture is.

God is calling us to that kind of sincerity in love.

Yes, it is hard!

Yes, there has been some terrible wrongs, believe me, I know!

But, can we pick up and be at least kind one-to-another, or do we keep the walls and barricades in order to protect ourselves?

I think when we do that, we forget who it is that is protecting us? Who it is that our hearts really need to be entrusted in? Who it is that is the judge of all?

In those times that our love has been damaged, we need to rethink and say to ourselves; How can we not love again? Did we, and do we not hurt God all of the time yet, He acts as though it never happened and loves us, embraces us even still? Do we not deserve less, yet He gives us more? Can we not do the same to those He also died for?

Love is a funny thing, and we as teachers need to look at those beautiful children whom God has entrusted us with and learn a little thing or two from them sometimes too!

Happy Learning!

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  1. Such a beautiful post and so true! One thing I've become pretty good at after 8 kids is learning to apologize to my kids! It helps set things straight for them and also (hopefully) shows them that it's OK to apologize and is the loving and kind thing to do, and one of the best ways to make things right.