Monday, April 7, 2014

Help!!! There is no help!

Well, I am sitting here writing this amazed, shocked, depressed and utterly warn out! I am so sorry to have to do this and it will be my first one; I am going to have my first Blog Rant!

How on earth can we get help in the school system when there is NO help!?

In Canada, they offer assistance and this is government funded for educational needs and some specialized issues in education. Learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia does not make the cut for some reason. And why is that?

I really can't answer that question and that is difficult for me to say. I am left scratching my head with the rest of 'em. Don't these highly educated people understand that Dyslexia is scientifically understood as more than just a learning disability. It is fundamental in that, they are born and wired differently.
They are doing studies on it! This is understood in highly educated people. So why isn't their help?These children need to be taught; And taught the right way. This is their right! Yet, because it doesn't suit the Governments standards, our children are left out in the cold.

I have hit a road block in our Homeschooling and with the realization that I was not able to provide the help they needed in the Homeschool environment any longer. I looked to the School System for the support I thought was there for Parents and Children.

Two schools are basically turning our family down. One private school can't afford us because of the size of our family, as well as the fact that we would need help, or assistance, in the funds to pay for they're schooling which would have provided them Orton Gillingham help.

One public school in our catchment area said they would take our children, but they can only provide an assistant in the classroom to help, "Sometimes." Also, there is no guarantee that the individual assisting is an Orton-Gillingham trained Assistant. There would be no learning that could reflect a multi-sensory-scientifically-based-learning-environment in the classroom. The problem is that they CAN NOT LEARN and retain information without it!

That is like saying to a blind person:

"I am sorry all we have our written text books and this is how we have been learning for many years. The Government won't be funding us to get books in braille specifically and we think it is all a matter of principle anyway. But, seeing as how you think you need help; A person might be able to read it out loud to you once a week. Although, you are still required to meet all expectations of the classroom and follow along. Try the best you can dear and if you look hard enough on your own you may be able to see the words. Try the other school down the street if this situation doesn't work out for you. Good luck!" 

It is sad to say the Educational School has let this family down.

What are your thoughts? 

Have you had a situation similar what was your results?

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