Saturday, April 19, 2014

Praise God! Jesus is Risen :D

Oh where would I be without Jesus?


It wasn't long ago that I never even knew what Easter was. I literally had no idea Easter was at all about anything else but, chocolate bunnies and easter eggs! Fast forward a little over 10 years and not only do I know what Easter is about but, I am eternally grateful and remind myself of the wonderful gift God has given me. Something I completely DO NOT deserve in any way...actually completely deserve the worst.

I love Easter more than Christmas because of the sheer Joy it brings me knowing that we serve a God who is ALIVE! What a refreshment that I am crying out, talking to, the very living God and I know He is with me!

Here is a tradition we love to do on Easter. Great testimony of Jesus and His resurrection!

Resurrection Rolls

White marshmallow = body of Jesus (perfect)
Melted butter = oils used to anoint Jesus’ body
Cinnamon = spices used to anoint Jesus’ body
Crescent roll (well sealed) = sealed tomb
Hollow roll (after baking) = empty tomb after Christ’s resurrection

May you and your families have a wonderful faith-filled Easter ;D
With all of our love <3 

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